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How Has Modern Technology Supercharged Training?

Every year, technology proves how a simple fix could dramatically change our lives. From ordering taxis and food through an app to video calling friends at the press of a button, technology constantly finds ways of improving how things have previously been done. Logistics companies, major businesses, and even film sets have deployed nifty tech advancements to streamline processes. But could technology continue to help us take business development to the next level?

Tech Makes Remote Work Possible

The main benefit of technology on businesses has been the scope of personnel. Businesses can find talent from all around the world, although that is dependent on everyone having a reliable internet connection. Remote work has risen with American ‘digital nomads’ growing by 49% since 2019. 17 million people aspire to be digitally nomadic in the future – meaning they travel around but still work with their laptop, skillset, and the internet.

The remote workforce has grown by 140% since 2005 – which is when the internet began to really take off as a useful tool for businesses. This epiphany for the business world means that those who offer training and those who need training can be matched up without having to be in the same city, state, or country – as was previously necessary. Indeed, as everyone is different when it comes to skills at work, some are more suited to this remote employment.

Live Video Software Boosts Training

Training courses are run regularly on platforms such as LinkedIn – collecting audiences and experts from around the world. Sharing insight like this helps ensure participants have the very best in the field in front of them. Being able to offer training, conduct video interviews, and host video calls anywhere has furthered many businesses.

Many worldwide work-specific festivals have online components. For instance, UK-based search engine optimization conference BrightonSEO has updated a video library to share training and information in the field with those around the world. The festival’s primary component may be in person but moving a wealth of information online means that anyone can benefit without having to travel to the south of England.

Many people are undergoing training to be seen as the top performer at work. Top performers are 25-50% more productive than those who are subpar. Extra training online could help people not just claim to be top performers, but back it up with relevant qualifications. Training shows a commitment to the role and to your developing career. Being able to indulge in many different levels of training online and remotely means the scope of your career development increases.

HR has been changed through live streaming. Exit interviews when an employee leaves are important as they can inform why they left. The business could then spot trends to better improve staff retention. For some people, taking them online through a video call might be preferable than going back in, especially if the turnaround for a new job is sudden.

Live Video Changed Industries

How Has Live Video Changed Industries?

Video platforms have come a long way since the early days of MySpace Video and YouTube. As the success of TikTok star Nathan Evans’s sea shanty shows – it has since become a song in the Top 40 – the power of sharing video on platforms like this has changed how industries are run. Following Lil Nas X’s success on the platform, it’s clear that the industry has been truly altered thanks to the ability to share video live.

Moreover, the insurance industry has also felt the benefits of live streaming video. For instance, Dash Cams have made it clear that drivers are safer and can collect information should an altercation occur. Home security has been improved through streamed video – such as through home security cameras like Ring – which makes the insurance process more streamlined and comprehensive. Video evidence for such claims have changed the industry.

The online casino industry has also used live streaming technology to further enhance its offering. The industry’s challenge was to create an experience that took advantage of both the traditional ethos of a casino as well as the benefits that being hosted online could bring. This can be seen in online casinos like Betway that have been transformed so players can see the dealer live in live action, in front of them. If an office can migrate online for digital nomads, so too can a casino.

Similar to training courses, education has been reshaped by live streaming. Universities can accept applicants who don’t live in the area, provided they can live stream the lecturers and commit to the work. For some people, this removes the barrier for them attending university. Lecture captures are available after the classes too, so those who did attend can refresh themselves before exams or assignments, helping consolidate learning. Places like the Open University have been changing how we look at studying for a degree for years.

The internet’s best use in business has been removing barriers that prevented growth. The internet meant businesses could appeal to customers around the world and sell products and services to a wider market. For training, it means that those who offer training courses can find those who want to take them. It means that the courses can be run just as effectively using modern technology and it means that people can enhance their skillsets by training wherever they are. Other industries have already proven how easy it is to make a success of something more conventional by using online methods such as live video streaming.

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