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How a Florida Car Crash Can Cause More Than Just Injuries

A car accident can add more stress to our already stressful lives. These unfortunate events can weigh heavily on our minds for months or even years. Coping with injuries, especially severe ones, can be physically and emotionally challenging. In a millisecond, a car crash can impact a person’s life in so many ways. The pain can go well beyond aches and pains.

If your life has been irreparably altered due to a negligent driver, reach out to an Ocala car accident lawyer at Meldon Law. Their compassionate professionals can help you put your life back together and ensure you’re compensated for this terrible tragedy.

The Effects of a Car Crash Are Far Reaching

Even a minor fender bender can rattle our nerves for a few days. However, the more severe the accident, the longer its effects can stay with us. Accidents are accidents but can result in more than just inconveniences to our already stressful lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the obvious and not-so-obvious effects a car crash can have. When you see the bigger picture, it becomes crystal clear how important it is to seek justice and compensation for this life-changing and tragic event.

Bills, Bills, and More Bills

A car accident resulting in injuries can pile up medical bills quickly. Ambulance fees, emergency room charges, doctor visits, chiropractic adjustments, copays, surgeries, and other expenses can reach astronomical amounts in just a few short days or weeks.

Florida is a no-fault state requiring all licensed residents to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage on their vehicle’s insurance policy. Regardless of who was responsible for the accident, your PIP insurance will cover your medical bills. Most drivers opt for the lowest coverage ($10,000), which can be eaten up by bills rather fast. You’ll need to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover damages beyond your PIP policy.

Pain: Physical and Emotional

Pain comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms. For some more severe accidents, the physical pain could last a lifetime. Chronic pain is no joke and can quickly transform a person’s life into a living hell. For some, addicting pain medications can create more problems than they solve.

But post-accident pain isn’t limited to being physical. Many car crash survivors struggle with extreme emotional pain. Some of the more common emotional issues can include:

  • PTSD
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Mood swings
  • Fear of driving
  • Issues with sleep and nightmares

Unfortunately, Personal Injury Protection policies do not cover emotional pain, suffering, and other psychological issues. However, you can recover these non-economic car crash damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Family Burdens

A severe car accident affects the victim and can place unfair or unwanted burdens on friends and family. Victims may need help performing the normal day-to-day activities they once had no issues with. A loss of mobility for the victim can cause strains on family members who may not be equipped for these types of responsibilities.

Family burdens aren’t only as deep as the daily assistance of their loved one. It could be as basic as driving them to and from medical appointments or learning to cope with the victim’s newfound emotional issues. An accident victim who once provided financial and emotional support for family members may no longer be able to provide these things.

Personal Injury Protection policies don’t cover things like the costs of installing ramps and other mobility enhancements for a victim’s home, nor does it cover loss of consortium. To be compensated for these things, a car crash victim must file a personal injury lawsuit.

What’s Required to File a Florida Car Crash Lawsuit?

PIP insurance rarely even comes close to covering damages for a severe car accident. To receive all the victim is entitled to, they’ll need to take things to the next level and hire a personal injury attorney specializing in automobile accidents. This is the only way to compensate for your economic and non-economic damages.

Florida allows victims with severe injuries caused by a car accident to seek the recovery of damages from the at-fault driver. However, the plaintiff will have the burden of proving the other driver acted negligently and caused the accident that caused you to receive substantial injuries from the event. Personal injury cases have many nuances and should never be attempted without consulting a lawyer.

Florida Car Crashes: The Aftermath

There’s more that happens after a car accident than meets the eye. Until you’ve had the horror of being a victim in a wreck, you may believe that car repairs and doctor’s visits are the only outcome. Car accident victims can face long-term life-changing physical disabilities and a psychology book worth of emotional issues. The accident’s effects can also ripple out to friends and family members.

To ensure that your post-accident needs are handled, speak to an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer. While adjusting to your unfortunate injuries, your lawyer will ensure you get everything you deserve and more.

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