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How to Calculate A Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Traffic accidents happen often. No matter how responsible you are, there is always a chance that you will be involved in an accident. The reason maybe someone else’s carelessness, vehicle malfunction or some other factor beyond your control. The consequences can be very serious, but you must know your rights even in such situations.

We are aware that such situations cause high stress. After the event, people are in a state of shock for days. Suppose you also find it difficult to think rationally and analytically. In that case, we will help you calculate a personal injury compensation claim with the advice of our legal team from Bojat Law Group.

Do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Harmful events can occur in various life situations and in different places. They can occur at work – injury at work, in a public place, etc. We claim damages from various entities. Regardless of the place where the damage occurred, the damaged party is always obliged to compensate for it. In the event that damage is predicted for you, you need a specialized lawyer. He knows the law well and will know how to help you. In the process, for better solutions there’s injury law firm in Jacksonville.

How is compensation for damages calculated?

In order to calculate compensation, you need to add up general damages and special damages. General damages represent emotional distress, physical bold ok special damages represent financial losses. This is why you get compensation for pain, suffering, etc. Perhaps some things seem unclear to you now, such as the calculation of pain and suffering. However, everything will be very clear to your lawyer, as explained by Bojat Law Group. It will be guided by the Judicial College guidelines for personal injury compensation.

How long does the fee calculation take?

It is difficult to give precise information about the process because the duration of the request depends on several factors. It is certainly the seriousness of your injury, the person responsible for the injury, and the nature of the injury. You must also consider the time period during which the evidence is collected. During the compensation calculation, the lawyer will also consider the long-term impact of the injury on your life. Be patient and leave all the work to an expert. He will process all the information in detail so that you do not receive less compensation than you are entitled to.

What does the personal injury claim process look like?

After a car accident has occurred and you have called the police, get to a safe place. It is very important to react quickly after a traffic accident and to ascertain and report the injuries caused by accident to doctors and the police. When you receive the medical report, you need to submit the medical documentation to the police who conducted the investigation. This is necessary so that injuries can be recorded in the police report.

In addition to the exposed details, a good lawyer will instruct the party on all the relevant matters that are important for the recovery of damages. When you decide to sue someone, you need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Most lawyers will not charge for a consultation. After that, you will determine who is to blame for the injuries, and then you will receive the exact amount of compensation.


Due to confusion or ignorance, we tend to make mistakes. Try to avoid this outcome when dealing with serious matters like a personal injury compensation claim. You need to have a reliable lawyer like Bojat Law Group, who will protect your rights. He will prove how material and non-material damages were caused while you are recovering.