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Guide to Building a Successful Crypto Career

The blockchain industry is growing rapidly and it’s turning heads in every corner of the world. At this rate, it’s expected that the industry will grow exponentially over the next few years with hundreds of thousands flocking to join the community. The following are key steps you can take to get started on building your crypto career :

  1. Learn to program

Since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009, programming has become a critical part of any successful cryptocurrency project. In order to truly stand out from the rest, it’s vital that you take time out of your busy schedule and learn how to code. This will help you understand the fundamentals behind blockchain technology and better prepare you for future information.

  1. Gain your first working knowledge of Solidity

Solidity is the primary programming language used for developing apps. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with this coding language as it will help to prepare you even better for the future. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that provide free tutorials on the basics of Solidity and how it works.

  1. Know the Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin is the world’s most widely used cryptocurrency, however, it doesn’t have any smart contract capabilities so its usage is limited to pure sending and receiving of digital currency only. Ethereum on the other hand is a decentralized platform upon which anyone can build and deploy decentralized apps and it’s powered by Ether (ETH), a cryptocurrency that facilitates the smooth running of these applications.

  1. Build your Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Now is the time to begin investing in different cryptocurrencies as they’re all affordable at the moment with some currencies valued at less than $1. While you may not see a return on your investment anytime soon, it’s important that you begin acquiring as many cryptocurrencies as possible while they’re still affordable.

  1. Create and Maintain an online profile

Create a Linkedin account and update your resume with the necessary credentials to get started (e.g educational background, technical skills). It’s always beneficial to add a profile picture and complete your account with as much information as possible (e.g current and previous projects).

  1. Keep up to date with the latest technological developments in blockchain

Subscribe to our BitQT weekly newsletter where we provide regular updates on the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, you can follow any number of forums such as BitcoinTalk and to get regular updates on new trends, technological advancements, and events that are about to take place in the crypto community.

  1. Read up more about Blockchain Technology

A good way of familiarizing yourself with blockchain technology is by going through a number of blog posts, articles, and research papers available online covering a wide variety of topics. It’s also recommended that you read the whitepapers of promising cryptocurrency projects such as IOTA, NEO, and Ripple to get a good understanding of how they work and their potential capabilities.
Summing Up
While it’s impossible to predict what lies ahead for the world of cryptocurrencies, it’s important that you follow the above steps in order to get started on your way. Remember that patience is key and that hard work always pays off in the end. And if all else fails, there’s nothing wrong with getting a mentor who will teach you how to become a successful crypto investor and make smart decisions along the way.
Keep learning and growing your knowledge and skills about the crypto world. This will make you a more valuable trader or investor. At the end of it all, it takes hard work and patience to become the master of this game.

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