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Greg McCutcheon: Leader of Digital Transformation

When Greg McCutcheon got involved in the insurance industry, he pursued the opportunities to enhance and improve the workflow within this market. After more than two decades of delivering information services and technology solutions focused on improving profitability and efficiencies, it is clear that he has seized those opportunities and leveraged his talents to bring Opta Information Intelligence to the forefront of the P&C industry.
As President of Opta, Greg is responsible for driving the vision of his company and finding the best solutions for his customers. He has created an environment that allows his employees to be challenged, to innovate, and to engage in a process that will reshape the way insurers and underwriters manage risk.
Greg is curious by nature and likes to solve problems. Being a social person, he enjoys building relationships with both his employees and customers and is among those business leaders who truly put customers first by finding new and innovative ways to make processes both easier and more profitable.
Greg has worked in the insurance industry since 1994, and has acquired extensive knowledge of insurance underwriting workflow and data underwriting information processes. As founder of Opta, Greg surrounds himself with the best and brightest colleagues in the industry. Together, they develop the efficiencies and practices that govern Opta’s business today with solutions like iClarify™ and Peril Score™.
Guided By Customer Needs
In an industry undergoing rapid changes due to digital transformation, heightened customer expectations, and new entrants to the market, Opta has distinguished itself by adapting to the changes in the industry, innovating new products and solutions, and delivering on its promise to make its customers better.
One of the reasons why Opta has been able to surge ahead of competition in a fast-evolving market is because innovation and agility have always been at the core of Opta’s DNA. With a powerful team of data scientists at its core, it has created paradigm-shifting solutions that help clients compete, drive profitability and internal efficiency. 2016 was a big year for Opta, winning a number of significant industry awards to highlight the profound impact that the company has had on the insurance industry.
Strategies That Keep Opta At The Top
Guided by the principle that if you surround yourself with very talented people and you encourage those people to be the best they can be while offering an environment that is fun, engaging, and dynamic, you will be amazed by the results you produce.
Biggest Lessons In Greg’s Words
“Sometimes you can be too far ahead of the market you are servicing. You may have very innovative ideas, but if the clients you are working with are unable to implement those strategies due to barriers within their offices, it gets really important to have a good understanding of whether the realm allows you to implement those solutions. Being ahead of your time too quickly and going through cash too quickly is a situation that no business wants to be in.”
Building The Future of Insurance Industry
The insurance industry is about to change in a very dramatic way over the next five years. Many workflows and processes are going to change drastically or fade away completely. Greg confidently asserts that these are important and necessary changes, because the customers who are selling insurance are also expecting companies like Opta to provide mobility to the insurance distribution of products with greater efficiency than ever before.
Greg says that he and the leaders like him are developing new and young talent, future leaders, who will take the solutions built today to a whole new level.
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