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Graziella Gallelli, Founder and CEO, Transderma

Graziella Gallelli: Providing Unmatched Care for YOUR Skin

Everyone holds the potential for making a difference, but the only people who understand, “It is the action that matters the most,” drive the change.

With an idea to bring precious natural ingredients combined with the mix of innovative technology, creating exceptionally pure, scientifically advanced skin care serums for women and men, Graziella Gallelli founded Transderma and shifted tides in the skincare niche.

Navigating herself through various challenges and overcoming them with pioneering solutions, Graziella never gave up and kept grinding. Today as the CEO, she embraces the essence of Transderma’s mission statement: “For Life, For Science, For YOU.”

 Compassionate Approach

Graziella would love to help people to feel good in their skin, She says, “When your skin looks good, you feel happy, comfortable, and confident in your skin by using simple, safe, and effective products. They can see and feel the difference.”

Transderma seeks to make a difference and be the difference. It strives to empower consumers to make safe skincare choices by offering products with minimal, non-irrigating, organic, natural ingredients proven to be highly effective. It creates the most scientifically advanced skincare products while still providing consumers with a simple routine for taking care of their skin.

Denting the Universe

Insights Success recognizes Graziella’s efforts over the years with Transderma that has left a mark worldwide. She gratuitously expresses, “The fact that you state, we have made an impact in the skincare niche industry makes me feel very honored and humbled.”

Transderma’s research focuses on the fact that skin is regenerated, protected, and strengthened with the aid of vitamins and natural ingredients. As vitamins are sensitive substances without preservatives, most lose their activity. It has developed a unique system that stabilizes the vitamins in their natural, active form without losing using preservatives.

Graziella mentions that Transderma’s five revolutionary serums replace other more complicated and inefficient skincare regimes. Transderma serums act as “booster” for essential skin renewal processes and quickly give visible results in the form of firmer, more even-toned, improved luster, and reduced appearance of wrinkles.

Transderma Serums contain no synthetic compounds. Instead of using just a few carefully selected, all-natural active ingredients with the power to increase cellular activity transform the appearance of the skin.

Graziella notes, “We strive to really care about your skin, to be transparent and clear and simple, yet effective. I want our customers to see that wonderful transformation in their skin; when you are comfortable with how your skin feels and looks. To have a healthy-looking glow and that your skin is doing that naturally, we want our products to be your everyday lifestyle.”

“Many companies make products by just piling and combining ingredients that are confusing to the mind and the skin; they wind up with 50 to 60 ingredients in a product! This can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions. We use clean, natural vitamins and ingredients your skin craves! No water, no perfume, no preservatives in our Serums,” explains Graziella.

Transderma’s serums are simple and effective without preservatives, artificial colors, and fragrances.

Adaptive Work Culture

Transderma produces its serums in Sweden with a minimalistic, transparent, and honest approach coupled with respect and admiration in its work environment for each individual’s qualities and proficiency in their field.

Graziella expresses, “We are fortunate to have dedicated, trusting, environmentally conscious people that are optimistic and confident in their approach to work and life. They are happy to come to work. We try to care for each other and consider people’s lives. With the current world pandemic situation, we need patience and empathy towards each other more than ever!”

Technology To Go

Transderma constantly updates its technology to stay ahead of its competitors. Graziella understands that it can be costly and needs the right experts to help drive the brand’s exposure.

Keeping up with technology is the necessity of the modern business world as it can streamline the work process and offer transparent communication with customers.

Desired and Expected Change

People desire to change for betterment, and Graziella is not far from it. She mentions, “If given a chance, I would love to bring change to allow more women to lead in the cosmetics industry and give us smaller businesses, that are women-owned who are pioneers, innovators. To be able to have a platform to be heard and seen, sometimes many women give up on their ideas because they don’t have the resources, neither financially nor in distribution.”

Graziella thinks combining beauty, science, and nature in harmony will develop safer and super effective products in the near future.

Transderma was avant-garde 20 years ago, and it still maintains that. It has developed a very safe delivery system of vitamins to the skin, effectively and safely, has been able to stabilize its vitamins with no preservatives!

Over the Horizon

Graziella hopes to see Transderma Serums reach a global audience to help transform people’s skin and unite them rather than divide. She shares, “Our skin is our link to each other how we see each other and care for each other. So, I would love to see Transderma Serums be a caring platform. When we look at ourselves, it should be a beautiful experience of beauty in and out, feeling good in your skin for Women and Men. And remember to “Age is Privilege” it goes skin deep to take care of the integrity of your skin every day. It’s a lifestyle!”

Shush Shush! Graziella would love to be on Oprah!

Bequeathing Brilliance

Graziella advises aspiring entrepreneurs to ask themselves why they want to enter this sector because it can be a competitive, expensive, challenging business. She says, “Do it because you love it! Because you must have a story to tell because you want something extraordinary. And don’t give up! It takes Commitment, Dedication, and Love.”