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GA Connector: Offering Unique Marketing Solutions Globally

The Story of Inception
In early 2015, GA Connector was founded to solve a very specific problem. The CEO, Sergey Zuev, was running PPC ads for another project. He realized that although he was getting plenty of cheap clicks, his overall ROI was low, and he had no idea which ads were actually generating revenue.
One of Sergey’s customers shared an idea that helped him fix this. He realized that he could bring Google Analytics-style traffic source information into the CRM, which would allow calculating the ROI of each marketing channel.
Next, Sergey showed this solution to marketers working in some of the leading companies in their industries (from SaaS to the financial sector). They were in awe and wanted to implement this in their companies as well.
Word spread quickly, and a business was born. GA Connector now proudly serves sales and marketing teams of all sizes around the globe, from small businesses to a Fortune 250 company, and even the world’s largest Islamic bank.
Products and its Unique Stats
GA Connector offers a product that allows companies to discover their most profitable marketing channels by connecting their CRM with Google Analytics.
The main advantage over competitors is that they provide the main feature of marketing automation tools (lead tracking) for a fraction of the price that marketing automation companies charge.
The Dynamic CEO
Sergey Zuev, the CEO of GA Connector started his entrepreneurial journey as a provider of software development and digital marketing services. Sergey created a small agency that helped startups and businesses with building web applications, mobile apps and lead generation through PPC advertising.
In April 2015, Sergey founded GA Connector. GA Connector helps businesses understand which of their marketing campaigns produce the most sales opportunities and revenue. The team achieves that by integrating Google Analytics with CRM systems such as Salesforce.
Clients’ Appraisals

We run a report once a quarter. That’s it. One report. It saves us thousands of dollars. Which keywords are producing the most profitable customers? That’s all. And then we adjust our campaigns.

Steven Shaer

Consultant at Atlantic CRM


With GA Connector, we can use Salesforce to report on where exactly our revenue and new customer accounts are coming from: paid, organic, social and referral channels, right down to each keyword. We’re now in a much better position to acquire new customers in the most cost-effective manner, allowing us to maximize marketing ROI.

Samuel Stadler

VP Customer Acquisition & Marketing Technology at Unleashed Software

We were struggling to understand our prospects’ path on our websites. GA Connector provided us with a simple and quick solution to this problem. Now we are able to see the full path of our prospects in Salesforce, and from what source and website page they converted.

Oren Zigelman

Marketing Manager at BPM College


With GA Connector, we are able to see the direct impact of our advertising. Now that GA Connector populates visitor source fields, we are able to push and segment these leads through our marketing automation system into specific Salesforce campaigns. We can now trace profitability back to specific traffic sources, not just users.

Steve Griffin

Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at 3Q Digital, a Harte Hanks Company


You’d be spending big money on Google Ads and you didn’t know where you are getting the money back. Whereas now we can really track it. We’re a small company so our budgets are really tight. GA Connector really helps us identify that whatever we’re spending, we’re making money back.

Justina Paukstyte

Digital Marketing Executive at Barry Packaging

Creative Ambience at Work
GA Connector is a small but dedicated team of developers, marketers, and auxiliary staff led by CEO Sergey Zuev.  The company is a fully remote team, with members from the United States, Europe, and Asia. This allows them to hire the best of the best, no matter where the employees live. For the company, the advantages of working with a diverse team trump those of geographical proximity. The team at GA Connector overcomes the challenges of working remotely through trust, Google Hangouts, and lots of documentation. Being able to work remotely is one of the reasons for maintaining creativity and maintaining healthy work environment.
The Future Ahead
Sergey asserts regarding his future plans and ambitions,
I believe that closed-loop marketing (which is what GA Connector helps achieve) will become and industry standard way of tracking online marketing performance. Our goal is to help more and more businesses implement closed-loop marketing and skyrocket the ROI of their online marketing campaigns.”