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Everyone wins as Bet365 partners with Pragmatic Play

Bet365’s recent announcement regarding a deal to partner with Pragmatic Play is a move that will shake up the online gaming industry for the better. Indeed, this does feel as if everyone with a vested interest in both companies stands to gain a considerable amount from such a dynamic partnership. Here, we’ll delve into why this decision will prove to be beneficial for all parties.

Pragmatic Play

Perhaps the decision to branch out and strike a content deal won’t come as a surprise given that Pragmatic Play made no secret of its intention to expand by offering its slot games to various online betting companies, as reported on by The Sports Geek. It doesn’t get much bigger than Bet365 in the iGaming industry, which should strongly suggest that its market will now grow exponentially. This ultimately means that Pragmatic Play is set to win big as their titles will now be hosted on the largest and most reputable online betting platform in operation.

Bet365 is, after all, a global company that has built up a customer base that can be found in most corners of the world. Crucially, it is not only casino offerings that have driven this extraordinary international customer growth but also the sports betting markets they offer. As explained in this Bet365 review, they tailor offerings based on the country, as can be seen with the wide range of cricket markets that are available on the Indian site.

This illustrates the international reach that Pragmatic Play will now potentially be benefiting from. In addition to that, this review also stresses the relevance of just how much Bet365 clearly understands the importance of cricket betting in India and the market at hand which, again, goes to show how dialed in this company is to the wants and needs of its customers.

In short, Pragmatic Play has acquired a partner who has successfully captured a global market.


While we’ve been gushing about how much Pragmatic Play stands to gain, the truth is that Bet365 has just as much to get out of this partnership, with their customers now able to access highly sought-after award-winning titles courtesy of the leading content provider. Indeed, Bet365 punters will now have access to games such as Wolf Gold and Gates of Olympus. In addition to these games, there are new slot offerings like Chicken Chase and Drill that Gold.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why Bet365 agreed to such a deal and even pushed for it given the library of slot games on offer has increased significantly.


Over the years, Bet365 has made it its top priority to cater to the ongoing demand for new online slot games in order to appease an active base of customers. Sometimes this has involved reinventing customer experience using available resources, which is common for businesses as covered here on Insights Success, but now that they’ve outsourced externally by bringing Pragmatic Play on board you can be certain that they are doing everything in their power to make it a positive one.

With this being the approach, it doesn’t take much imagination to appreciate why customers will now be looking forward to the new slot additions and the unmatched quality that a company like Pragmatic Play brings to the table. The truth is that they are one of the most well-known developers in the business and their unrivaled knowledge and tips for developing a mobile app will ensure that Bet365 customers are given the best online gaming experience available.

In reality, there are no losers and only winners now that Bet365 and Pragmatic Play have begun collaborating on a deal that will be sure to strike gold.