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Reinventing Customer Experience Using Available Resources

Making a company customer-centric is not as easy as flipping a switch. Established processes, routines and approaches are sometimes barriers to that change. Those companies which don’t adapt themselves according to the increasing needs, demands and expectations of the customers will perish eventually.
Identifying the needs of customers and delivering best possible solutions according to their expectations is the need of the time. Customer- centric companies should utilize the organizational talents, skills, abilities, resources, and latest technologies to meet the evolving needs of the customers. A company that utilizes its best possible resources to create a personalized experience for its customers is likely to stand the test of time.
However, customers nowadays expect from the companies to approach them – and to give them a productive, pleasant, and personalized experience that makes them feel good about them. Smart organizations respond to trending customer expectations by putting customers in the center, engaging them using various ways, and focusing on customer service and satisfaction.
The company that is genuinely customer-centric today uses current technological trends to reinvent the customer experience. Businesses now have the ability to guess customer behavior on the basis of their past experiences and purchases, and to use that data to deliver services according to their individual likings and interests.
However, without good data it is more difficult to consistently enhance the customer experience. Surveys and anecdotal feedbacks from customers is not enough to improve the customer experience, it is essential to analyze entire experience of customers over time.
Technologies amplify service of customers in a very positive way. There are many technologies that can be used to improve customer experience. These technologies predominantly include Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. These technologies have the potential to help companies understand uniqueness of different customers to ensure every customer gets personalized services.
Tapping the power of these technologies is an important part of improving customer satisfaction. Customer centric companies should also aim to have good touch with customers through various platforms.
With keeping customers satisfied being the primary goal of organizations, they need to equip their employees with right training and tools to be able to use various technologies to achieve it. Having intelligent and resourceful employees is the hallmark of any organization in creating pleasant customer experiences.
In the future, the companies that will flourish will be those which would be able to give customers exactly what they want, the way in which they want it, when they want it- even before customers know what they want.
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Featuring as our Cover Story is a notable Customer Centric Company named Collinson. What gives Collinson the edge in serving consumers is its rich heritage, unique experience and cross-sector expertise gained over three decades working across the travel, commercial banking, retail, insurance and assistance sectors. Through directly servicing over 50 million of its own end customers as well as the millions of its clients’ consumers, Collinson has unique insight into digitally-engaged mass affluent travelers and mid to high net worth consumers, conducting on-going research with clients and end consumers, to understand their ever-changing needs, attitudes and behaviors.
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Quote: “Utilizing the organizational talents, skills, abilities, resources, and evolving technologies is critical to deliver the pleasant customer experiences.”

  • Sharad Chitalkar