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Marga Romo | Head of Marketing | Essentra Packaging

Essentra Packaging: Innovative Services, Leading Products, Sustainable Goals

Have you searched for packaging solutions and companies that are experts at their job and implement innovative services while providing sustainable products? If your answer is yes, your search ends at Essentra Packaging, where seasoned experts keep track of consumer trends, packaging designs and smart technologies, to produce one of the finest packaging product ranges in the world.

Essentra delivers an innovative offering of cartons, leaflets and labels that help to reduce supply chain complexity and enables a seamless end-to-end service. Essentra has strong experience in enhancing standard packaging qualities, backed by industry-beating performances.

To learn more about the business, we sat down with Marga Romo, Head of Marketing Packaging Division at Essentra Packaging.

History of Manufacturing Excellence

 Essentra Packaging has a long history of design and manufacturing excellence, with roots that can be traced to 1911. From the very beginning, the business has sought to become the go-to name for exceptional packaging design in all its formats across the pharmaceutical, health, and beauty sectors. In short, the company supports its customers in their business goals and their packing line processes.

From its inception, the business has continued moving from strength to strength, serving medium to large pharmaceutical businesses, brand customers, and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) across different subsegments worldwide.

At the center of everything is Essentra’s purpose, to responsibly provide the products and services its customers need to succeed. It aims to change the world by making a helpful difference through industrially viable innovative solutions.

Marga explains: “Our long-term growth is powered by innovation and sustainability, so we put such a strong focus on these elements. We live our purpose, stay true to values, and deliver the goals we believe we are building for the future. Building a better, brighter future for us all.”

Essentra Packaging aims to affect positive change in the market by uplifting the standard of packaging quality and performance and pushing the boundaries of what standard materials can achieve. The heart of Essentra Packaging is collaboration, ensuring that every single packaging project meets the needs of consumers and patients today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Technological Edge with Pharmaceutical Care

Essentra Packaging has a diverse portfolio of packaging solutions in its enviable range. However, it is perhaps best known for its high-quality cartons, leaflets, and labels for the health, pharmaceutical, and beauty sectors. A tightly curated range of innovative products and services helps Essentra Packaging to make its customers’ lives easier by unlocking greater efficiency and, as a result, freeing customer teams up to focus on their core business.

Marga comments, “We uniquely operate several print technologies – digital, offset, and flexo – optimizing resources in shorter print runs and maintaining high productivity in larger batches, enabling the company to stay responsive to shifting market needs.”

Combining technologies enables Essentra Packaging to optimize and minimize production waste, contributing to its ambitious sustainability program as it seeks to be an ever more environmentally aware business and support the sustainability agendas of its customers.

Demonstrating its commitment to the pharmaceutical, health, and beauty markets, Essentra Packaging also provides pre-serialization solutions with drop-on-demand and digital technologies as well as serialization solutions, such as clear code, alongside bespoke solutions for clinical trial packs, label solutions including tamper-evident labeling and sustainable board-based cartons.

Pharmaceutical customers need to be flexible and dynamic to stay ahead of fast-paced markets, particularly in today’s commercial environment of volatile demand. It encourages Essentra Packaging to respond to customer challenges with agility, achieved through its innovative products and services.

In addition, Essentra Packaging puts significant developmental focus on safety and patient engagement solutions to help pharmaceutical companies stay ahead of market needs, including ACF features, tamper-evident labels and cartons, time-temperature indicator labels currently in development, and booklets for the clinical trials segment.

Adding Value to Health

Essentra Packaging remains one of the most agile businesses by developing packaging solutions through the lens of the consumer and patient, ensuring every project meets the needs of both the customer and end-user. This approach helps to drive real commercial value and helps to turn packaging from a necessity into a true commercial edge.

What makes a difference for Essentra Packaging customers is that it continues to monitor what’s happening not just in the packaging sector but also in customer markets. This includes consumer trends, regulatory and legislative changes, and more. By staying ahead of its customers’ markets, the company is creating a strong innovation pipeline for its next print and packaging technologies generation.

Marga states, “Across our production sites globally, Essentra Packaging is proud to invest in innovative technologies, which remain critical to the business’s ongoing success. A great example is the company’s recent investment in a Landa S10 nano graphic press at our Bradford, UK, production site. The installation marks the first of its kind in the country. It combines the speed and agility of digital print with the long-run precision and repeatability of traditional offset printing. The technology uses high-resolution ink ejectors to deliver a remarkable 1200dpi resolution, marking a significant new avenue of exploration in secondary packaging.

Essentra Packaging prides itself on being an industry pioneer in technologies that add value to the health, pharmaceutical, and beauty markets, which is evident through its investment track record.

Focus on Ethical Business

Essentra Packaging places a strong focus on sustainability, aiming to positively impact the global environment through both its business practices and product range. The business believes in taking a ‘360-degree approach to sustainability’, which means increasing its own team’s awareness of environmental issues, investing in sustainable technology and product design, and using its expertise as a packaging leader to communicate this to the wider market effectively.

Essentra Packaging believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should be more than skin deep or marketing jargon – the business is committed to being a force for good in the market and aims to demonstrate this at every turn.

One of the ways that Essentra Packaging demonstrates its commitment to sustainability is its Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) initiative. This initiative is the operational philosophy of reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and is found in many business sectors. ZWTL is particularly important in the packaging and print industry, where waste can be a significant problem.

The business is committed to reaching ZWTL across all its production sites by 2030, and independent third-party auditing reveals that around half of its facilities have now reached this goal. In addition, Essentra Packaging puts a strong focus on health and safety across its sites and throught its workforce. Putting HSE high on the agenda helps to keep its teams safe in all conditions, whether in busy manufacturing facilities or even working from home.

The Essentra Packaging business has an extremely solid foothold in the market, an experienced team and future-proof design philosophy. The business has maintained a strong investment program in technology and digitalization, which prepares Essentra Packaging for the future direction of its core markets.

Essentra Packaging welcomes conversation with any business in the pharmaceutical, health, and beauty market that is looking to improve their packing process and design sustainable packaging with the safety and security of patients and consumers at the heart.