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Lois Nahirney, President and CEO, dnaPower Inc.

dnaPower: Helping People Make Better, Data-Driven Health Decisions

Humans have unique genes that drive wide variations in their responses to different types of foods, exercise, and medications. What works well for one person often does not work for another, which is why there is no “one size fits all” solution to achieving the best health. Most people spend years trying to find the diet and exercise regimens and medications that will work best for them. Through DNA tests, you can take proactive steps to enhance your well-being by finding where you may have genetic issues that can contribute to weight gain, inflammation, metabolic problems, and chronic disease. This significance and impact of DNA testing inspired Dr. Lois Nahirney to found dnaPower Inc. dnaPower has been providing personalized DNA testing for health and wellness since 2008.

Dedicated to making the world a better place, the company specializes in researching the genetic variations between people related to lifestyle to put the best and the most useful scientific information about your unique body in your hands.

We at Insights Success got into conversation with Dr. Lois to learn more about dnaPower and how it is helping people live healthier lives.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Give us a brief overview of dnaPower Inc.’s journey, mission, and key aspects of its strong foothold in the diet and fitness industry.

DNA testing is revolutionizing preventative health. I founded dnaPower añer private DNA testing helped me solve years of health problems that doctors could not explain or resolve. The DNA results showed I have a common genetic weakness in Vitamin Bs. Within 2 weeks of taking a complex Vitamin B, my years of health issues were virtually gone. I couldn’t believe such a simple answer existed through DNA! I decided to pivot my career and focus on making this valuable testing and information available to the world.

dnaPower’s mission is to create a healthier world by helping people learn about their unique genetics to live healthier lives. Our detailed testing provides key insights into the diet and exercise right for our clients.

Describe your top-notch offerings that address the need of your customers.

Your DNA is your body’s roadmap – it shows where your genes are strong and where they are weak. The areas you have weak genes are where you are more likely to have issues over time. dnaPower focuses on genetics related to diet, fitness, and health. When you look after these genes, the rest of your body is more likely to be healthy. We help you find the underlying contributors to weight gain, chronic fatigue, autoimmune reactions, gut issues, or simply everyday wellness.

We test over 70 areas with 200 genetic variations and provide easy-to-read red/green graphs to highlight where clients need to pay the most attention. People learn about their genes related to gluten, lactose, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, hormones, and much more. A clear set of actions provide recommendations for changes in diet and lifestyle based on the results.

What makes your company a preferred choice among your clientele over other competitors?

dnaPower provides the most comprehensive testing on the market using polygenic assessment to provide more accurate, holistic insight into the key areas of focus for long-term health. We include a 45-minute consultation with a certified nutritionist to ensure clients get the most from their results and know how to incorporate these changes into their lives. We have been doing this for over 10 years so we know how this information can positively impact people’s health.

From a business leader perspective, what is your opinion on the impact of the current pandemic on the DNA Testing sector and the related market?

Never has preventative health been more important. Strong immunity is essential. DNA testing provides the opportunity for insight into specific genetics that may put people at higher or lower risk. DNA can show you if the body’s unique Vitamin C, D, and zinc genetics need additional support. This enables you to address specific deficiencies in advance, potentially avoiding an illness, or reducing the duration and severity. If you know where your lifestyle genetics are weak, you can take action to support your body and health so that your body is at its best to fight any viruses or diseases that may arise.

With the foundational insight it can provide, DNA Testing is poised to grow dramatically in the coming years. This is information everyone needs to have.

Describe the values that drive your organization.

We are passionate about helping people live their best lives. Our purpose is A Healthier You, A Healthier World — we go the extra mile to ensure our customers gain value from their DNA information to help them be healthier and happier. We feel strongly that knowing your genes as it relates to health and wellness is much more valuable than knowing your genes for ancestry.

While learning ancestry is fun, health is the ultimate goal. That’s why in addition to our direct testing, we created Connect products to take your ancestry data and give you health insights within 48 hours. We want to put information into your hands so you can know how to live your healthiest life.

In what ways have you or your company contributed to the community?

Gender equity, diversity, and inclusion are deeply important to me. I have been an active advocate for over 20 years chairing many organizations including the Canadian Women’s International Network, Premier’s Women’s Economic Council, Women’s Executive Network, WE for SHE, and other causes to advance equity.

On a personal note, I have identical twins adopted from Vietnam, one who is transgender, which has made LGBTQ rights, diversity, and inclusion all the more important to me in our world. To give back for the gift of our children, we have an adoptive family’s charity that builds schools in impoverished regions of Vietnam and supports scholarships and summer camps for girls at high risk of being trafficked. I feel honored to have been recognized with many awards for this work including the BC Medal of Good Citizenship.

What are your future aspirations? Where do you see your company in the next five years?

Our goal is that every person has the ability to learn their DNA so they can make the most informed decisions about their health. We want to see lifestyle DNA testing as one of the first tests included in personalized and preventative health programs. If we can eat and live according to our DNA, working with our bodies rather than against them, we have the best opportunity to live our healthiest life.

We are particularly excited about APOE research and our testing related to Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular disease. If you know you have these genes, you can take proactive steps to manage your health and ensure these genes are not expressed. That is the revolutionizing ability of DNA testing. Preventative action is now in your hands