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ESL Pro League Season 17 – Favorites and Underdogs

ESL Pro League Season 17 is about to take off – another CS: GO major tournament. Therefore, the nearest schedule of CS: GO matches will give plenty of unforgettable hours to be embellished by the best teams in the world rating.

As there will be 32 teams participating in the championship, the fight will be unprecedented. This flow should be sorted into favorites and underdogs that can surprise ESL Pro League Season 17 and fight for victory.

The number of participants is high, so limits are blurred. However, several teams are perfect for any category and deserve attention.

Main favorites of ESL Pro League Season 17

First, we should speak about G2 Esports, the main power on the competitive stage. You don’t have to remember the team’steam’s latest results; it has lost only one map so far this year. And they got to Group A, where they did not have direct opponents, giving G2 Esports an easy way to the playoff.

The Danish team Heroic is another favorite. Interestingly, Xizt’s players have just got into shape recently but have already made it to the final of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023. Another thing is that the Danish got to Group B, where only MOUZ. It could be a real obstacle on their way. So, Heroic will be among the leaders and fight for victory at the tournament.

The next contender for winning ESL Pro League Season 17 is FaZe Clan. Yes, the team had rough times in Katowice, as they did not even make it to the playoff. However, based on their previous results, RobbaN’s players are still considered the most robust. As for the most important, FaZe Clan got to Group C, where the bracket must be favorable for the team giving the players a chance to proceed to the upper frame.

If we speak about favorites, we should not forget about Natus Vincere. No doubt, now “Born to Win” is going through a changing period, but anyway, the team managed to make it to the semifinal of Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023. However, it will make sense to suppose that Natus Vincere will easily make it to the playoffs and fight for a victory there.

The last favorite of the championship is Team Liquid from North America. We must say that Liquid managed to get into shape in Katowice, where they gathered before the semifinals. However, the North Americans played great, knocking out FaZe Clan and Team Vitality. Considering the factor of the bracket in Group G, Team Liquid gets a great chance to proceed to the playoffs and fight for the trophy.

Underdogs of the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 17

Fnatic is one of the teams that can surprise at the championship. keita’skeita’s players failed at the previous Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2023, but they managed to beat Outsiders and fight with Team Vitality. And we have a feeling that the team will gain momentum, and in Group A, the guys can flourish compared to less famous opponents.

Also, you should not overlook MOUZ, who failed at the Katowice group stage. However, you should understand that MOUZ has not played for a long time, so getting used to playing will take some time. However, at the end of the previous season, the team played well and even made it to the semifinal of IEM Rio 2022, even if no one believed in it. So, MOUZ has an excellent chance to take off and again surprise the community.

The next team that deserves to represent this category is Ninjas in Pyjamas. Here we need to remark Ninjas are usually favorites. But the team lost its class due to the latest changes in the roster. Nevertheless, Ninjas in Pyjamas had enough time to achieve great teamwork. So, since no one believes in the team, the players can thrive and become a real discovery of the tournament.

Team Spirit is another underdog. The dragons have had a rough start to the season, but their potential is very high. Team Spirit’sSpirit’s only disadvantage is challenging Group D, which they must win to proceed to the playoffs. And still, Dragons have enough chances to wake up and remind themselves.

Therefore, the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 17 will be enjoyable. Numerous strong teams will fight for sixteen trips to the playoff, but only one participant will become the champion. Considering the number of favorites and underdogs, the tournament will give us an unforgettable month of the best Counter-Strike.

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