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Ecoppia: Empowering Solar with Ground-Breaking PV Cleaning Solution

Whether you own a home, run a business, or manage a large property – there are many important advantages of installing solar energy panels on your property. Thus, energy companies across the world are developing large scale solar energy sites, mainly in the desert around the globe, where real estate is not used and radiation rates are high, allowing optimal energy production. However, it is very tough to operate and maintain these sites, greatly suffering from soiling reducing efficiency dramatically. The solar industry used to rely on manual cleaning of the solar panels (Photovoltaic) using unskilled labor cleaning the panels with a hose, water, brush and a mop. This water and labor-intensive process is both costly and non-sustainable, and also pose a risk to the delicate panels on site. Hence, it’s prerequisite to discover a solution that can revolutionize the way solar sites are operated and maintained.
Founded in 2013, Ecoppia is the world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for Photovoltaic. Ecoppia offers patented water free, completely autonomous solutions that allow solar panels to always remain clean and deliver peak performance year-round. Hosted by Amazon, Ecoppia’s platform securely manages fleets of tens of thousands of robots allowing site owners to manage and analyze performance from anywhere, anytime. Ecoppia has proven track record of cleaning over 200 million panels around the world. Today, the company is working with the largest energy companies worldwide including Actis, EDF, ENGIE Group, Fortum, NTPC and many more.
Ensuring Peak Performance with an Adept Automation 
Started off in early 2014, Ecoppia’s portfolio consisted of a single 5 MW project. Today, it has secured a leading position in the industry with more than 2,900 MW projects. Providing an effective solution to a real need coming from the market allowed the company to grow rapidly and cement its position as world leaders in robotic cleaning solutions for PV.
The Ecoppia suit of cleaning robots are fully autonomous and perform effective cleaning nightly for each panel on site, removing 99% of soiling in each operation. Its cloud based and connected system is centrally managed via a Master control, with a unique AI that integrates multiple data sources from sensors, feeds, API and other sources. Additionally it facilitates optimal site management by providing operational recommendations and alerts, as well as advanced predictive maintenance of the robots. This allows site owners to have a complete control over the cleaning system, and enjoy peak performing panels year-round even in the most arid regions.
Eliminating the Water Dependency 
Relying on water resources is not sustainable with water resources vanishing in many desert areas where solar sites are located. Transforming to Ecoppia’s robotic system eliminates the dependency on water availability and water costs, and ensures an efficient and consistent cleaning for 25 years lifetime of solar sites. The solutions has a notable ability to immediately recover systems post dust storms as the robots can complete a cleaning of an entire site within couple of hours regardless of its size and location.
A Dependable Robotic Partner 
With today’s challenging market of low tariffs offered for solar electricity, Ecoppia is a key for winning tenders and remaining competitive. An effective daily cleaning operation ensures performance and results with increased energy production. It also measurably decreases O&M (Operation and maintenance) costs which enable site owners to stay ahead of their competitors.
Ecoppia technology is the only robotic cleaning solution trusted and fully certified by leading manufacturers. This patented technology is recognized by independent laboratories and financial institutions for being an effective solution that won’t damage panels or impact warranties. Ecoppia’s supply chain consists of tier-1 vendors from EU, Japan and US to ensure a strong and robust product that is built to last. In addition to this, the robots are manufactured at a state-of-the art MIL SPEC production facility in India with a world leader OEM partner, which further ensures foremost availability and reliability.
An Ingenious CEO Leading Various Ventures 
Ecoppia CEO and Co-founder, Eran Meller, lead various ventures in different sectors resembling homeland security, medical and renewable energy. He has held managerial positions in globally acknowledged companies which were later sold to Fortune 500 and Nasdaq 100 companies. Prior to that Eran worked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private arm of the World Bank Group that offers investment, advisory, and asset-management services to encourage private sector development in developing countries.
Eran holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a Masters in Economic Policy Management from Columbia School of International Affairs. He is also a noted alumnus of the Technion –Israel Institute of Technology, where he earned B.A in Economics and Management.
Assuring Optimal Success with Credible Product 
The highly-effective and fully certified Ecoppia robotic system is deployed or in the process of deployment over 1.59 GW’s. Ecoppia has provided fully automated, cost-effective labor-free operations to associates through its cloud based platform. The company is now employing advanced machine learning and hyper learning technologies that can improve connectivity of its platform which can assuredly cater in client’s optimal success.
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