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Digité – A Leading Solution Provider with an Innovative Perspective

In this age of rapid technological advancements and relentless competition, an organization’s success hinges on providing the best possible products and services to its clients. That, in turn, requires a constant adoption of the latest technology. Cutting-edge businesses software gives organizations an edge over their competitors, simplifies procedures and facilitates progress.
Digité (di-juh-tay) is a software company headquartered in the Silicon Valley that provides Lean/Agile predictive and collaborative tools and solutions to technology and business organizations that give them that edge.
Digité’s products help advance Digital and Enterprise Lean/Agile initiatives to improve critical business performance metrics such as Lead Time to market, Quality and Throughput of product and services delivery. This gives its clients the ability to deliver products reliably using Predictive Analytics powered by AI, Machine Learning, and Statistical modelling techniques.
Delivering Quality Products and Solutions
Digité provides a rich set of products, solutions and implementation/consulting services in the area of Digital Transformation, Lean/Agile Transformation, Visual Project/Portfolio Management, and DevOps in the Global Delivery Model.
They are used by both technology organizations such as Corporate ITs, ISVs, IT services/Outsourcing firms, and IT Consulting companies, and for business functions like Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Recruitment, HR, Procurement and many others.
Digité’s four products – SwiftALM, SwiftKanban, SwiftEASe and SwiftSync – serve the diverse needs of its customers.
SwiftALM is a comprehensive product for managing IT and software projects in a Global Delivery Model. It comes with a unique combination of capabilities to manage traditional projects that require extensive planning and tracking, as well as light-weight Lean/Agile projects. It combines Process Governance, comprehensive Program/Project Management and Software Lifecycle Management capabilities to deliver some of the best solutions for modern hi-tech IT and SI/IT Services organizations.
SwiftKanban is a versatile Kanban tool for scaling enterprise-wide agility, applying the power of the Kanban method to teams, projects, functions, and processes at all levels of the enterprise.
SwiftEASe condenses and delivers the best of Digité’s experience with Lean and Agile software development principles and methods to deliver a powerful Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) solution that helps customers successfully manage large programs and projects and scale agility in their enterprise.
SwiftSync helps in seamlessly integrating the Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps ecosystem for enterprise-wide visibility, workflow, and value delivery.
All four products are available in SaaS and on-premise versions. Over 750,000 users use Digité products worldwide. These users come from a wide range of industries including Consulting, System Integration and Enterprise IT organizations as well as several vertical industries including Automotive, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Public Sector, Hi-tech and Telecommunications.
Digité also provides Lean/Agile Consulting, Coaching, and Training Services and Implementation Services along with full Technical Support for all its products.
A Challenging Journey towards Success
Digité was established in 2002 and grew quickly between 2003 and 2007. Between 2007 and 2009, it developed some of its best products, including a revamped SaaS offering which led to widespread industry recognition and acclaim. Since the launch of SwiftKanban in 2010-11, the company has grown steadily as a profitable venture.
A key challenge for Digité has been attracting and retaining a high-quality, competent workforce.  A lot of its development capability is based out of India, which is a highly competitive market for developers. In spite of that, Digité has remained an attractive employer with very competitive remuneration packages and facilities.
Digité has developed a great product portfolio and very compelling Lean/Agile tools for enterprises aiming to be at the forefront of Digital and Lean/Agile innovation. Its main challenge is in Marketing and Sales, and the company is actively working to capture awareness and mindshare of potential clients, and is confident of achieving its goals.
The Leading Figures at Digité
The people primarily responsible for the success of Digité are the members of its executive team led by Mr. AV Sridhar, the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Digité Inc.
Popularly known as AVS, Mr. Sridhar is based out of Cupertino, California. Prior to Digité, he co-founded Neta Inc. in 1998, which targeted the Web Data Mining and Personalization space. He was also part of Wipro for 17 years, where he held positions including those in their CAD/CAM Division partnering Sun Microsystems, e-Commerce Division and Communications Division.
AVS is also currently the Chairman of Advance Health Care, a network of diagnostics centres for Oncology, Neurology, and Cardiology based in 6 different cities in India. He is on the Board of WeP India and has been involved with organizations like the Computer Society of India and MAIT, and is a member of the TiE Silicon Valley Charter.
Digité’e executive team includes Dr. Ramesh Patil, CTO; Mahesh Singh, Co-founder and Senior Vice President – Marketing; Ram Subramanian, Co-founder and Vice President – Sales; Raghunath Basavanahalli, Senior Vice President – Sales; and Sudipta Lahiri, Senior Vice President – Product Management.
Future Plans
Digité is all set to ride the Digital Transformation and the Enterprise Agile wave that will transform the way software and high-tech businesses are managed with the help of Digital Products, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning.
It aspires to be at the leading edge of Data Science/Cognitive Science-driven solutions in order to help enterprises truly connect with their customers, be responsive to their needs and deliver the products and services essential for their success.
The company is already investing in new technologies and verticals to innovate leading-edge solutions for Digital Enterprises across a spectrum of industries.
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