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Creating the Perfect Digital Marketing Strategy

Despite the many advantages a correctly tailored digital marketing strategy can offer, not everyone will know how to create them in the right way. And according to companies such as Summon Digital there can be factors that need to be considered when creating a digital marketing strategy, such as the needs of customers and the different funnels of digital marketing available.
As well as being familiar with different types of digital marketing, those looking to promote their brand or service also need to take the vision of the business into account while maintaining consistency in their brand messaging by using marketing resource management (MRM) software.
The following steps will help ensure those looking to create a digital marketing strategy are on the right footing and in a better position of seeing a higher ROI on their investment as well as being able to promote its brand to a wider online demographic.

What Will the Digital Marketing Strategy Need to Achieve?

One of the most important aspects of a digital marketing strategy is the reason it’s being carried out, as this will determine what methods are used when it comes to reaching your goals.
Some may be looking for leads, whereas others may be looking to gain more exposure on social media. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it’s important to ensure that goals are clear so the digital marketing strategy can be crafted in the right way.
There can be times when there are several different funnels to concentrate on, so there could be a need to employ the services of a professional. Being aware of what the digital marketing strategy is set out to achieve ensures that the right provisions can be put in place and all funnels can be managed in the right way.

Become Familiar with Digital Sales Funnels

Often, those deploying a digital marketing strategy will have some form of online product or service they want to offer customers, and it’s important that the digital sales funnel is understood when offering goods or services or purchases. The outlay of a digital sales funnel is as follows

  • DISCOVERY: When a potential customer discovers your brand or product for the first time.
  • CONSIDERATION: A potential customer may carry out more research in relation to your brand.
  • PURCHASE: A purchase shows customer willing to purchase from the business at this point.
  • LOYALTY: This is created with repeat custom and brand ambassadors talking about the service or product online.

The reason why a digital sales funnel is so important is because different marketing tactics will be needed to ensure that those at different stages of the funnel can be converted into a customer, with a view of maintaining customer service for the long-term.

Create Customer Profiles

While everyone would love to think their product or service is a keen fit for everyone, this isn’t the case. As such, it’s important to ensure that you’re marketing to the right type of customer, which is where the creation of customer profiles becomes essential.
Customer profiles can be created from the data already present, so any information in relation to analytics, bounce rates, time on site and purchases need to be reviewed so the business can better market the product or service on offer.
Being aware of what type of customer a business wants to promote itself to ensures that the correct digital marketing strategy is used, and ensures that those interested in the product or service are able to find out all they need to know with ease, as a business can produce content as to how the product or service can help potential customers.
The platforms used to offer this information can vary depending on the nature of the business. For example, those who operate in home renovations may promote their work on visual social networks. Customers considering using the services of the business may have been on the fence until seeing a portfolio which has prompted them to make a purchase.
This is just an example of how different customers can transition to different parts the sales funnel and being aware of their behaviour and requirements allows for marketing that’s more tailored to the customer at different points in the sales funnel.

Ensure the Brand Connects with an Audience

One of the main forks in the road when connecting with an audience is finding rapport and offering information about a product or service that’s relayed in the right way. For example, is your customer likely to be interested in the inner workings of your product? Or will they be keener to find out how it can solve a current problem in their life?
Being more familiar about customer trends and wants allows businesses to tailor their communications, content and marketing so it addresses questions and concerns customers may have.
If some customers have commented that the product or service is too expensive, then businesses can use this information to illustrate the many benefits of the product and how the cost is determined.
Another example is producing content that offers benefits which a service can offer. For example, those ruining accountancy could highlight that although there is a cost, the free time can be used to promote the company, allowing for greater turnover.
Creating the perfect digital marketing strategy is about ensuring that the right methods are employed and then reviewed on a regular basis. Although there can be times when changes may be needed, staying up to date with the different tactics in place ensures that changes can be made which maintain the integrity of the digital marketing strategy put in place.

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