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CMR Surgical: A Precise Robotic Solution for Minimal Access Surgery

The area of robotics is one of the most exciting in the technological space. We are only just beginning to appreciate the opportunities presented to almost every sector by such innovations. One arena where robotics holds virtually boundless potential is healthcare. Robots can significantly change the way we treat the sick and vulnerable. The sector requires a tool that can improve patient outcomes for challenging treatments like surgeries, whilst at the same time improve the burden of cost on healthcare providers. CMR Surgical is a British robotics company which has developed an advanced surgery tool known as Versius. The robot will be officially unveiled in Europe by the end of 2018. This remarkable robotic system assists surgeons with minimal access surgeries, helping patients around the globe improve the quality of their lives. While the current iterations of surgical robots are already considerably advanced, the next generation solution will be even more flexible, versatile, and significantly more affordable.
A Revolutionary Surgical Platform
CMR Surgical’s Versius was designed by an expert engineering team with input from leading surgeons. The innovation was inspired by the human arm. Central to its design is a patented four-axis wrist joint that has remarkable dexterity, flexibility and reach. CMR Surgical envisions Versius being adopted for a range of complex surgical specialties such as urology, gynecology, colorectal and upper GI.
Versius represents a new paradigm in medical intervention. The versatility of the system and compelling commercial model allow healthcare providers to offer the benefits of robot-assisted procedures in a cost effective way. Minimal access surgery will soon be more affordable and more accessible than ever before.
Driving the Innovation
Martin Frost and Luke Hares are two of the founders of CMR Surgical, a plucky British company headquartered in Cambridge, incorporated in 2014. They conceived the idea using the specialized skillsets and deep knowledge they possess of their respective fields.
Martin is the CEO of CMR Surgical. He has spearheaded some of the world’s most successful companies in both the technology and life sciences sector. Over the last twenty years Martin has played a significant role in the success of Sagentia, Absolute Sensors, Sensopad, Sphere Medical, Omnisense and RedCloud Technology.
Luke Hares is the CTO of CMR Surgical and the inventor of Versius. He is a highly-experienced physicist with practical multidisciplinary engineering skills. Luke has previously worked with product design companies in the UK and the US, designing medical devices, robots, and consumer products.
At CMR Surgical, Luke is responsible for leading the CMR technology team and has overall responsibility for technology strategy. Luke believes the best devices are created by combining detailed knowledge of the unmet needs of the users with the creative application of available technology.
A Novel Startup
CMR Surgical is relative newcomer to the medical robotics market. Though it has a unique product that can transform the healthcare industry, it faced the same teething challenges common to virtually every startup – i.e. securing early seed financing, quickly scaling and integrating a multi-disciplinary team and constantly needing to secure and fit out additional leasehold space. However, its team of founders – Luke Hares, Keith Marshall, Paul Roberts, Mark Slack and Martin Frost – all brought diverse global experience across the disciplines of surgery, medical device development and commercialization, financing and scaling startups. They identified the core issues plaguing the healthcare sector and have relentlessly pursued the development of the revolutionary Versius robot to address them.
By attracting, nurturing and developing the best talent, they are now well on the way to reaching their chief goal of making minimal access surgery available to millions more people.
The Finest MAS Tool
Unencumbered by legacy systems, CMR Surgical began its design process by working out how to put the best tool for MAS in the hands of surgeons. Versius, its first robot, was developed specifically with the aim of overcoming the common challenges faced by patients, surgeons and other healthcare stakeholders.
By developing a cost-effective, flexible, and portable robotic solution for healthcare providers, it ensures that a greater number of patients are able to access the benefits of minimal access surgery.
Transforming Surgery with Innovation
With the unveiling of the world’s first versatile and cost-effective surgical robot, Versius, CMR Surgical seeks to radically transform the world of medicine. The company believes that the modern surgical data will be a key in the drive to improve surgical outcomes. It aims to continue creating such noble products and to transform healthcare with its data-driven robotic solutions.
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