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Click Prompt: Providing Actionable Information in Real-Time

The customer is king is one of the most commonly heard phrases in marketing, and one with which few smart businesses will disagree. It is also acknowledged that the level of success enjoyed by any organization depends largely on the customer experience it creates for its clientele. Global businesses today are more concerned than ever about the quality of service they provide.
Society has largely accepted that there is nothing that cannot be done with the help of technology. In turn, marketers have to constantly adapt to stay connected with customers while social media has opened up an entirely new dimension for them to reach their audience.
Click Prompt Technology is not your regular technology company – it is the marketing revolution that every company needs. Click Prompt’s strength is its ability to collate and present information from customers, products, and campaigns in real-time.
Taking the Market by Storm 
Click Prompt leverages technology to come up with innovative ideas that can transform the market for any type of business. Its team of technicians has developed a platform that allows them to understand customer behavior in real-time.
It then uses that data to translate customer patterns into actionable insight so its clients can maximize their business potential. Specifically, Click Prompt uses QR Codes to study customer concerns and behavior patterns, and translates the data using predictive analytics and real-time responses to issues. Click Prompt focuses primarily on eliminating issues that influence ‘Repeat Business’ with which it succeeds in maintaining a customer base and improving ‘Referral Business’. It also helps clients understand the impact of negative reviews of their business and provides solutions to counter any adverse repercussions that they cause.
Click Prompt entered the niche after recognizing how widespread poor customer service was across various industries, and realizing that there was a desire in both business and customers for change. The company was started by Junior BelardoFounder of Click Prompt.
Belardo is a tech enthusiast who sees himself first as a customer who appreciates quality service. He noticed that big data was a crucial element in the development of bigger corporations for its ability to identify hidden or unaddressed shortcomings. He took the initiative to combine big data with real-time analytics to help companies shape their own paths to success.
Market Omnipresence 
The company’s prime product is QR Codes, which can be employed in various forms for numerous purposes. The significance of Click Prompt is that it is giving its whole attention to the ‘Service Industry’.
Amazon is one prime example, which stepped-up and transformed the market ownership through its services; Click Prompt too has targeted itself to improve customer satisfaction. Belardo says, “I think Click Prompt follows the same category because we have a product that can partner with these organizations to better help customer satisfaction and help an organization understand how to dynamically adjust to the competing retail demand.”
Click Prompt also believes that the service sector needs to be reformed because ineffectual customer support, reduced customer satisfaction and unmet client needs are causing organizations to lose business. Belardo explains, “This is where Click Prompt steps in. The sole aim of Click Prompt is to improve the customer experience its clients offer.”
 Click Prompt has seen that there has been a shift within the service industry as customer services move towards self-service rather than personalized service. This change has led to reduced face-to-face interaction between retailers and their customers.
Click Prompt’s versatility and power as a marketing platform are on full display in situations where it acts as a real-time tool to filter information and empower its customers to address the concerns of their own clientele.
As a self-service platform, QR Codes allows users to determine what alerts they receive, and which individuals within their companies receive that and other data. The platform is updated regularly and the data which is generated is displayed on a modern dashboard. Alerts can even be sent via email.
Another feature of Click Prompt which sets it apart is its in-depth knowledge of the market. Despite having a tool that assesses the customer base and their concerns, the implementations of this contrivance is easily adaptable.
Belardo says, “We strongly believe that apart from owning a product that is well-equipped to meet the demands of modern businesses, this product is developed in such a manner that it can be easily implemented.”
Future Forecasts 
Click Prompt proposes to expand its range of services to include consultation based on the data and analytics received from QR Codes. It also has plans to deliver end-to-end implementation services with the help of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
Belardo adds, “As we continue to expand our reach, we want to establish partnerships with different ventures and investors to help develop a solid ‘go to market’ strategy.”
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