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ChatGPT to enhance its services with a paid version

After creating buzz all over the world, the services of this AI chatbot are no longer completely free. ChatGPT gained huge popularity in just the first three months. This platform has been helping people to generate essays and article and other services, like creating job applications. sing these services is also fairly simple and customers do not have to go through a complex process. Considering this huge demand, Open AI has decided that it is the right time to launch a paid version of the chatbot.

Paid version will cost $20 per month and the company is also planning to make it available for worldwide customers. The services currently are only accessible to US customers. The company has also ensured faster response with a paid version. Customers with the paid version will also have the access to new features. Although, the company has ensured that the free services of chatbot will still be available.

Recently, the app became a worldwide sensation as the fastest growing app in the world by reaching 100 million users beating the record of TikTok, which took 9 months to do that. The app was also visited 590 times by these 100 million users.

This response was unprecedented and generated the need to launch the paid version. The company has ensured to introduce a cheaper version in the future. Although, the pricing is not clear yet these options are being explored by Open AI. The company believes that the revenue generated by subscriptions will help them to cover the cost of computing.  The company expects to find more customers with the enhanced version.

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