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CAPSiDE: Revamping the Phases of Cloud Transformation

Every organization desires to stay ahead of its competency. And mostly, prefers to adapt technological advancements for attaining such stature. Although, the volatile disruptions in IT sector have reinvented the course of customary business methods yet, many still strive to adapt Cloud transformation.
Meet CAPSiDE, a leading European Cloud Managed Services provider. Its cloud technology not only simplifies the complexities faced by customers but also deliver proven benefits. Born in 2001, CAPSiDE has matured its expertise in Cloud Architecture, SysOps, DevOps and SecOps and has assisted many multinational companies by running their critical infrastructure. Whether just starting a Cloud transformation journey or executing a Cloud adoption strategy, CAPSiDE is committed to help you by combining Cloud consultancy, enablement, design, automation and 24/7 operation. Their vendor-neutral approach has been a key to develop top-notch solutions and cloud-automation tools to boost their client’s Cloud transformation.
Captivating Solutions 
CAPSiDE’s expertise in both hybrid and public Cloud environments has been the driving factor behind its exceptional Cloud solutions. CAPSiDE’s holistic approach on Cloud consultancy and enablement provides the latest insights on the newest Cloud-related technologies. Cloud Architects at CAPSiDE are nurtured on bleeding-edge technologies, and use the necessary tools in each project according to the requirements and the real business needs.
Additionally, CAPSiDE has developed a set of Cloud-automation tools that boost the use of Cloud computing. One of them is ENZiME®, a blue/green code deployment engine that enables customers to improve DevOps workflow, automate code deployments and accelerate time-to-market. REPLiCA® is another tool that allows consistent launches of complex infrastructures in the Cloud. The use of its own Cloud-automation tools combined with continuously trained engineers enhance the performance of Cloud environments which are designed automated and operated by CAPSiDE.
The Spearhead of the CAPSiDE 
Josep Ruano, the Founder and CEO of CAPSiDE has worked in the software industry for more than 20 years, holding positions in software engineering, technical lead and team management. He is a frequent speaker in Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Digital Transformation, which has made him a key influencer in the Cloud transformation of several companies. He also has been tailoring the minds of the future leaders by teaching at prestigious business schools about Digital Transformation.
Alongside navigating the Cloud landscape, Josep has infused a culture of achieving the right work-life balance at CAPSiDE. His passion for cooking reflects in the company’s employee training programs. Josep takes pride in investing 6 per cent of the company’s turnover for internal training programs, while closer to 18 per cent is allotted for Research & Development—towards improving tools and technologies for the infrastructure and systems automation. This adds potential to the engineering team to make systems as automated as possible, and handle exceptions through a single tier of on-going support system. By ensuring the quality and maturity of the company’s processes, CAPSiDE became one of the key leaders in Cloud transformation when companies started to pivot to the Cloud.
“This is an important differentiator in terms of response and issue-solving time. Since we focus on systems that cannot fail, our senior engineers attend to any alert in less than 10 minutes round the clock,” states Josep.
Tackling Obstacles with Better Tools 
The primary challenge faced by any public cloud vendor is regarding the governance in Cloud environments. Most of the times, IT and Financial managers both are scared to make the change because it may turn into bigger costs and fewer infrastructures control. Whereas CAPSiDE has developed REPLiCA®, a Cloud management tool that allows consistent launches of complex infrastructures in the Cloud. The use of REPLiCA® as a governance tool is essential for IT managers as it allows companies to directly control each Cloud environment.
Another challenge that companies face while migrating to Google Cloud is the lack of knowledge and expertise. Even though Google Cloud Platform is an easy environment to start a Cloud transformation, it is important to develop a good Cloud strategy.
Future Endeavours 
CAPSiDE has been working with Google Cloud Platform since its inception. Therefore, the team at CAPSiDE has had on-going training on new Google Cloud features for many years.
The company plans to continue delivering cloud solutions on Google Cloud Platform for the upcoming future. To do so, CAPSiDE will continue training its team to the latest Google Cloud related technologies while leveraging the power of Google Cloud to develop new tools that will boost their clients’ performance.
Testimonies from Client’s 
“Not only they are technically good profiles, but they also know your platform very well. You don’t have to give them any details, and it doesn’t matter who picks up the phone. It doesn’t matter if it is Guillem, Rael, Luis Alberto… everyone knows exactly how your infrastructure is configured.” – Belén Jódar, CTO at Grupo Zeta – Diario SPORT
“Our company works everyday with sensitive data and critical information. The legal standards and government obligations are also one of the principal aspects that can affect our business. We needed someone trustworthy, able to develop a great cloud structure focusing on security and the people at CAPSiDE knew exactly what to do. The service was attentive, and the outcoming results couldn’t have been better. We haven’t worked with another SysOps company since then.” -Philippe Gelis, Co- Founder and CEO at Kantox.