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Pervorm: Accelerating Brands into the Digital Future

Renowned Canadian ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky once famously quoted “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” 
In the world of business as well, an organization that comprehend the future of its products or solutions and execute strategies accordingly marks its success and stays ahead of competition. As marketing is constantly changing, almost every brand around the world tasting fruitful benefits of employing technology for its marketing purposes. However, pertaining to the growing competition digital marketing agencies are focusing on offering temporarily beneficial advertising solutions to differentiate themselves instead of ensuring that their customers focus on the value that they bring to their end user.
Founded in 2010, Pervorm is a leading digital marketing company that puts end user expereince first to reach their clients’ business goals. By simultaneously unlocking the full potential of data, technology, creativity and media, Pervorm orchestrate and optimize all digital channels, including display, social and search advertising and helps advertisers to in-house these capabilities.
Driving Factors 
Since its inception the people at Pervorm are dedicated to improve business results of its corporate and scale up clients from digital marketing. The company always put the end user first and therefore advises an integrated approach of branding and performance goals. Moreover, to achieve its clients’ desired business results the company realizes that its clients need to be in control of the most important digital marketing means; media, creativity, data and technology.
Pervorm is recognized by industry leaders for its precision and perfection in digital marketing. The company reasons from three key beliefs to help the growing brand needs and enable it to offer them a precise customized solution

  • Consumers First: Pervorm believes tailoring customer journeys is not a possibility but a necessity and encourages approach where its consumer is in control of every process.
  • Nowadays the advertiser is the marketing conductor and is expected to develop in-house skills and knowledge. Through available customer data, advertisers can now have direct connections with their customers or audiences. Therefore they need to build and control those relationships to adapt and service in the best way possible.
  • Automation and usage of AI is the key: According to Pervorm automation will enable marketers to focus on the core of their proposition and decrease time on project management, marketing calendars and media tactics. It strongly shortens time between insights and the possibility to take action. Hence, the company primarily emphasizes on automating processes and utilizing AI for better results.

Beyond Shiny New ‘Things’ 
Pervorm asserts advertisers themselves have the most leverage to improve their client experiences, not the agency. It claims an expert agency can fail due to the siloed organization of the client. This believe of ’your agency is as good as you’ has transformed Pervorm from a performance media agency to a marketing services provider. Thus, next to execution the company accentuates the consulting role, to empower advertisers and their marketers to be on the driving seat. Its end user first approach enable it address the core issue.
Sometimes there are advertisers who look for shiny new ‘things’ to use in their marketing. However, for Pervorm improvement is about filtering the trends from real developments and matching those with brands business goals. For example, the last 3-4 years there was a lot of talk about Data Management Platforms and customer data platforms. Many organizations were already working on audits and so on, but did not have a clue on why or how to use it. On the contrary, Pervorm help organizations to get more knowledge and skill in-house to increase their productivity and use their agencies in a better way.
Tackling Challenges with Transparency 
Google plays a crucial role in digital marketing and advertising as its influence in tech and data impacts every demographics. Google will continue to become a ’one-stop-shop solution’ for digital advertising. Many tools have already been integrated in the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) and the ad server will disappear as a standalone solution after the integration. Possibly also social advertising will become available through GMP and advertising may become on a ’quid pro quo’ basis. The amount of data available to parties like Google, is more than enough to connect the dots which provides them with a unique position.
Coping up with consistent developments in Google is quite a dominant challenge. The platform is increasingly becoming a walled garden. It has moved to a cookie less environment. Parties being dependent on cookies will become obsolete in a very fast pace. Stricter privacy laws makes data-companies, like Google, depend more on their algorithms and the availability of data. For example you can’t use third party view trackers on YouTube anymore which creates adversities in lead generation. In addition, enormous data uploaded on these platforms lead to lack of flexibility for the product. Ensuring lead generation in such protective environment becomes hard for advertisers as they require investing in expensive technologies and cost of advertising or digital marketing significantly increases.
Pervorm employs unique approach to tackle these challenges. It makes sure that its clients understand the terms & conditions and thoroughly explains advantages/disadvantages while using Google. The company utilizes third party measurement tools like Nielsen Dar or Moat to get sufficient insights and advise clients to make the full use of Google and get the most value for their buck. The company believes it is its responsibility to be up-to-date with the leaders like Google. Follow the developments when they make sense and challenge them when it affects client interests. Pervorm’s clients are happy with its transparent customer first approach and admire its commitment towards customer satisfaction.
Motivating Client Admirations 
“Pervorm has enabled us to quickly increase the programmatic marketing knowledge of our (international) marketers. They have proven to be a reliable partner in the process of inhousing our ad server and DSP account by asking the right questions and by having a deep understanding of the market.”

– Perfetti van Melle

“Together with Pervorm Friesland Campina has gone through a successful transformation and now has a transparent digital media buying process. Pervorm has also provided us with valuable insights in how to increase the effect of digital marketing”

– Friesland Campina