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DefinedLogic: Driving Your Digital Purpose

The world is digital. Gone are the days of managing work using pen and paper, whiteboards and dry erase markers, sticky notes and your cubicle walls. Saving Microsoft Word Documents and spreadsheets in a folder on your computer is a thing of the past. The business world is ensuring its success with much better, efficient and cost-effective option; Digital Projects.
Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Red bank, New Jersey, DefinedLogic recognized this evolutionary approach eighteen years ago and created a Digital Agency that enables companies to drive their success digitally. Through collaborative client relationships rooted in trust, DefinedLogic identifies the right digital strategies, helps manage change and works with client teams to move business forward. The company helps clients across all areas of business, including strategy, creative, technology, and marketing and analytics.
In an interview with Insights Success its Digital and Analytics Strategist, Robert Arace sheds a light on the company’s flagship services, its vision and approach.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Robert Arace and Insights Success.
Give a brief overview of the company, its uniqueness, and its vision. DefinedLogic was started in 2002 by partner William Meyers and Alex Shanley. As the internet became a key driver of business strategy, DefinedLogic found a niche working alongside business and IT teams to improve dialog and define requirements for digital projects. Our foundation, rooted in consulting, allowed companies to achieve better results from technology investments. As technology has advanced; so does the DefinedLogic’s offerings.
What are the cutting-edge solutions offered by DefinedLogic? 
We have created practices to support development of our expertise and the value we offer to clients. DefinedLogic offers strategy, creative design, technology, and marketing and analytics services to provide a turnkey approach to any digital project, or we can enhance your existing teams with specific expertise as needed to accelerate and ensure project success.
Give a detailed description of the featured personnel’s influence over the company and the industry. 
Robert Arace is the Head of our Digital Acquisition and Insights group at DefinedLogic. His specific realm of influence within the company is multichannel digital marketing strategy, execution, and measurement. In addition to this, Rob also specializes in web analytics tracking strategy and execution. From a marketing/analytics strategy perspective, Rob is involved with defining business objectives and goals internally and with our clients, digital campaign preparation, execution and reporting/optimization. From a measurement perspective, Rob and his team are involved with outlining the tracking strategy, detailing the technical requirements, implementing the architecture via a tag manager platform and creating reports in business intelligence software.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learned that have shaped the journey of the company. 
Specifically, for our Digital Acquisition and Insight group, we used the fail fast method. We have been building out this group for the past several years and we never feared failure, we learned from it and learned quickly. From each of our failures we adjusted our services to better meet the demand of our clients. This allowed our team to build out established processes that we were able to prove out in the market place. In the first 2 years of our groups existence, we became a Google Marketing Platform Partner – we believe that this is a testament to ability to hypothesis test different practices and deploy that quickly.
What are the challenges faced while providing Google solutions and how is DefinedLogic serving to tackle them?
a. One challenge that we face is to ensure that we are aligning expectations with our clients — making sure that our clients have a complete understanding of the capabilities and the limitations of the platform is imperative to execute a successful campaign and to maintain a healthy partnership with our clients. In order to do this we host a kick-off meeting where we clearly define our main objectives and goals and how we plan on accomplishing them.
b. Our team looks to approach each project with a customized solution to each of our client’s needs, we don’t necessarily have an out of the box solution for each of our clients. We have found that taking the time to create a unique strategy for each client is extremely beneficial to the long-term success to each of our campaigns.
What according to you could be the potential future of Google solutions and how does DefinedLogic envision sustaining its competency? 
A potential next step for Google in our minds would be for them to provide a CMS solution to their Google Marketing Cloud Customers. This would give them a unique opportunity to integrate Google Analytics and many of the new 360 suite offerings that Google Provides. DefinedLogic takes an agnostic approach to our platform selection, we always have the resources to be able to service multiple platforms if needed – we stay prepared by not singling out any particular language or platform.
Testimonials by Clients 
“Defined Logic is a true business partner. They were instrumental in helping us implement our digital analytics strategy. Their knowledge and expertise helped us overhaul our Google Analytics configuration ensuring it aligned with our business objectives. They skillfully handled a complex Google Tag Manager implementation. Defined Logic continues to play an active role in our ongoing analytics management, turning data into actionable insights. They are a pleasure to work with and a very talented team.”

– SVP Lead Generation and Marketing

“Defined Logic is our strategic digital partner continuing to exceed our expectations in web development, support and SEM. The dedicated Defined Logic team brings a unique ability to understand our goals and visions, while incorporating out of the box solutions. Since implementing the Defined Logic strategy our website traffic and web revenue have realized consistent year over year growth.”

– VP Global Business Development