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David Jiménez, CEO, BrickControl

BrickControl: Facilitating Total Management of Construction Projects Easily and Efficiently

With a mission to improve the operations of the construction sector, facilitating the management of the entities and entities in charge of developing and directing works projects, SHM created the easiest construction management software to use, BrickControl.

BrickControl is a cloud-based application that helps professionals and companies in managing all of their projects in an easy, simple, and efficient way.

We at Insights Success caught up with David Jiménez, CEO of the BrickControl, to learn more about the company and its contribution to the construction sector.

Improving the Operations of the Construction Sector

BrickControl is a web software in the cloud for works management, which allows the creation of budgets with all the necessary structure, such as chapters, items, and units; certifications, planning through Gantt charts, orders, invoices, work reports, deviation control, warehouses, and powerful indicators of the multi-projects that can be managed in parallel in the software.

The software is developed with the latest technology that allows access from anywhere and navigation devices. It also allows the protection of information through an access control system that allows maintaining a completely controlled and secure environment. Additionally, it uses one of the best servers in the world, such as the Amazon web services servers in Europe, to guarantee all its clients the special care of their data so that the information is backed up instantly and can be accessed at any moment.

BrickControl is software designed to handle construction projects of all sizes, from small remodeling or construction to projects that involve teams at a global level. It has multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company, and multi-user features that make it a very intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

Having a Leading System in Construction Technology

Among BrickControl’s first-level features, it can count these that represent great solutions for the management of works projects of its users:

BrickControl is a SaaS-based Cloud solution that keeps up with a construction ERP system. It allows the total management of construction projects easily and efficiently and thus, is considered as a Leading System in Construction Technology.

Principal functions:

  • Estimates, Project Progress Reports, Budget management, Certifications, Cost analysis, Access control, Warehouse management, Resource management, Unit price management, Customer and supplier management, Document management, Progress control, assignments, deviations, invoices; and more.

Main features:

  • No facilities or infrastructure payments. Just subscribe and log in.
  • Developed with the latest HTML5 technology.
  • Use of APIs to make business management and integrations more powerful.
  • Multi-language, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-user.
  • Progressive Web Apps System. (PWA).
  • High capacity for integrations due to API REST technology.
  • Exceptional capabilities like Measurement Software.
  • Applicable to project versatility.


Integration with financial products of the SAP R / 3 type such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, plus other types of applications with which BrickControl integrates, such as:

  • Accounting software
  • Quality and environment
  • Helpdesk
  • Management of real estate, promoters, and assets

In addition, BrickControl has a REST API that allows full integration with any other type of software.

Innovating Based on Collected Experience and Needs of Users

David states that according to the opinions of the clients, the sense of service and attention is a primary factor.

BrickControl has 30 years of experience in the construction sector. Its secret to keeping the product efficient in the face of the changing needs of users has been to adapt to the needs of users and innovate based on recommendations and collected experience.

In addition to staying close to the public, this practice has allowed BrickControl to evolve successfully in such a competitive sector. It is proud of the multiple recognitions obtained as the best technological solution for construction in 2021.

Being Transparent, Adaptable, and Passionate

Transparency has allowed BrickControl to inspire confidence in the market and maintain it over time because customers know that they are not going to get surprises in the provision of the service or the execution of the system.

Besides, BrickControl is closely linked with its users and their experiences of use and management of works; it constantly obtains learning that transforms into a continuous evolution of its product.

Its team is characterized by feeling passion for the area in which it works. This commitment can be seen in BrickControl’s final product, and it is the delivery itself that allows it to anticipate situations and venture to innovate.

Providing Customers with Modern Software

David anticipates that we are going to experience strong growth in the construction software market. Many companies want to modernize their systems, the time is right, and companies like BrickControl have been working for many years to provide customers with the modern software they need. At BrickControl, everyone is preparing to meet the demand that will be experienced in the coming years. Depending on the country, it will also help its customers obtain financial support for the digital transformation prepared in different countries.

BrickControl aspires to continuous growth, to continue to be a reliable and useful solution for its users, and a leading solution in the market.

Hear it from the Client

“Working with BrickControl allows us to see a quick and accurate analysis of the costs of our works, as well as the imminent integration of data into our“ review ”accounting software. Metro7 is a leading company in singular building and sustainable construction. We decided to work with BrickControl despite being used to working with other cost programs for many years because, in addition to being in the cloud and being able to access it from any device, we realized that it gave a very detailed cost analysis to everyone. The projects. We work as a team often because we all use BrickControl at the same time. In addition, BrickControl’s decisive decision to become part of Metro7 was based on how we have been able to integrate data with the accounting program, so that in administration we do not do double work. By including invoices for expenses and income, you transfer them to accounting, without having to re-enter the data. But we would like to highlight the efficiency of the entire BrickControl team, they are professionals who have always known how to solve any problem through online chat or instant email.”- @ metro7_construccionsostenible, a well-known industry customer