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Sean Da, CEO & Founder, YI Technology

YI Technology: Making Lives of People Safer, Richer and More Fun with Smart Cameras and Computer Vision

We live in a world filled with smart devices from phones, watches, TVs, and many more. Creating smart homes with smart lifestyle features is now the new normal that makes people’s lives safer, thoughtful, enriching, and more enjoyable with the evolving need of people. YI Technology sought its inspiration by a singular, bold vision of a future to provide people with a smarter lifestyle to assist them in their daily tasks. It is powered by widespread, intelligent video technology, where smart cameras and computer vision will make people’s lives safer, richer, and more fun. YI Technology’s mission is to make advanced, practical AI vision solutions affordable and accessible for consumers and businesses. It envisions becoming the global leader of revolutionary Edge AI and Computer Vision Technology. YI Technology is bringing the benefits of Computer Vision to every Person and business.

We at Insights Success, caught up with Sean Da, CEO, and Founder of YI Technology, to know more about the company and its contribution to providing practical and affordable smart life home solutions for everyone.

Providing Smart Technology Solutions

Advancement of technology such as combining AI and edge computing is the topmost offering of YI Technology that addresses the need of its customers. YI is an international brand focusing on the research and development of video imaging and vision technologies. YI has over 150+ patented technologies in advanced computer algorithm capabilities, original deep learning, edge computing, and assisted driving algorithms around the world. Since it was launched in 2014, YI has gained various prestigious awards for its practical and affordable smart technology solutions for individuals and enterprises across the globe.

Enhancing Quality, Privacy Protection with Affordable Costs

The following features make YI Technology a preferred choice of its clients:

  • It offers quality services with decreased reliance on internet connectivity and bandwidth.
  • It has enhanced privacy protection.
  • Cost reduction to customers.

Seeing Business Opportunities even in Challenges

For the smart hardware industry and related fields, the impact of the pandemic is two-sided: both challenges and substantial business opportunities. Due to the disruptive impact of the pandemic, the supply chain industry has been dramatically affected along with the shortage of chips and price increases since the second half of 2020. The lack of raw materials and rising costs of these chips have been detrimental to the healthy development of the industry.

At the same time, in the era of the pandemic, human life and work methods have also undergone profound changes. Remote work, service robots to achieve contactless services, online video, and thus have driven the rapid growth of the demand for smart hardware. New industries and product forms are also emerging, which intends to bring tremendous business opportunities to the smart hardware industry.

Helping in the Development of Cities

After the pandemic, the future of the computer vision market will be technological innovation and user experience for exploration and breakthroughs. YI Technology will combine its expertise in machine vision algorithms and IoT scenarios and its accumulation in P2P, cloud computing, and other technologies and use cameras as a carrier to help cities develop digitally, connected, and intelligently. YI Technology uses Kami Vision smart cameras particularly. Kami Vision leverages its computer vision technology heritage and decades of technical expertise in AI and security solutions to bring customers the most robust and seamless vision AI platform available.

Ensuring Protection and Safety of People

The values that drive YI Technology are Responsibility, Efficiency, and Empowerment. Specifically, during the pandemic, through YI Technology’s subsidiary company Kami Vision, YI Technology has donated with ‘One More Breath’ to support the relief efforts supporting the catastrophic COVID-19 crisis in India. One More Breath is raising funds to bring 1400 much-needed beds to hospitals throughout India. Each hospital bed will help approximately 20 people. YI Technology’s goal is to fund 15 fully equipped hospital beds to ensure people’s protection and safety.

Establishing Largest Visual Intelligence Open Platform

YI Technology is committed to establishing the world’s largest AIoT visual intelligence open platform, including YI cloud platform, small and medium-sized enterprise solution platform, AI algorithm cloud ecological platform, and other solutions. YI will continue to analyze the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in various vertical business scenarios. YI Technology will gradually introduce low-cost and fast-deployable solutions suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises so that its clients can have a safer and better solution more conveniently.