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Brandon Glancy, Corporate Training Manager, Aprilaire

Aprilaire: A Breath of Fresh Air

Air quality in our homes has been a growing risk the past few decades as tighter building envelopes have decreased the amount of fresh, clean air circulating in the house. Add a global pandemic on top of those issues and 2021 heard a concerted call for healthy air from homeowners, buyers, and builders as well as the service people who manage a home’s HVAC and air quality systems. To answer this growing call for healthy air, Aprilaire has produced the Aprilaire Healthy Air SystemTM for residential use to help in the fight against virus-sized particles and provide clean, healthy air.

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with production facilities in Madison and Poynette, Aprilaire has provided various Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions and technology to North American customers since 1938.

Brandon Glancy, the Corporate Training Manager of Aprilaire, helps thousands of HVAC professionals grow their business by learning the ins and outs of selling Indoor Air Quality solutions to homeowners. He has been a highly effective motivational speaker and business coach for over two decades. He provides an inspirational element that gets right to the heart of the matter. That heart is passion and persistence.

We at Insights Success caught up with Aprilaire in our expedition to find ‘The 10 Best Performing Smart Home Solution Providers of 2021.’ We talked with Brandon to gain in-depth knowledge about Aprilaire’s decades of the innovative approach to contributing to clean air.

Let us go through their journey.

The Brief Synopsis

Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever. Aprilaire has built an unparalleled reputation as the provider of choice among the millions of homeowners and tens of thousands of professional contractors who use their products every day.

Aprilaire is on a mission to deliver Healthy Air to every home.

They continue to be inspired by the needs of consumers and the proficiency of professional contractors to create, design, and build innovative Healthy Air solutions, whole-home humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air cleaners, and fresh air ventilation. They have a long tradition of developing professional-grade Healthy Air solutions.

Top-Notch Products

Aprilaire offers a full suite of products for improving Indoor Air Quality to help maintain a Healthy Home. Their strength is that they realize no one, single product can solve every home’s individual requirement for Healthy Air. Working with HVAC contractors and builders, Aprilaire has developed a suite of products to meet the various installation applications and geographic variables that must be considered.

Aprilaire has tied these mechanical solutions (air filtration, ventilation, humidification, and dehumidification) into the palm of the consumers’ hand through a line of Wi-Fi connected IAQ controls as well.


Aprilaire prides itself on education and training for all business partners, be it HVAC contractors, builders, or basement and crawl space specialists. It helps them understand the technical details of its products, their installation, and the consumer features and benefits that allow them to leverage these products.

Dedicated Work-Culture

Aprilaire is committed to understanding their customers as well as their customers’ customers. They design and build products that provide features and benefits for all touchpoints: distribution, contractor, homebuilder, and homeowner. They are committed to the training and education of all parties to ensure products are properly installed and maintained.

Implementation of Modern Technologies

Healthy Air solutions were traditionally relegated to the mechanical closet, basement, or attic. Consumers had limited interaction with the products themselves and were therefore somewhat unaware of what they had in their home and how to use it, explained Brandon.

Using IAQ controls that connect wirelessly through an app to Aprilaire products and sensors creates a more direct connection to the consumer because they interact with products on a more familiar platform – their mobile device.

The Next Big Change

Brandon states there is an increased awareness of the need to manage moisture in the air before introducing it to the living space. The air conditioning system will not manage the latent load in markets where humidity is high; even when the temperature is mild that increased moisture can lead to mold, mildew, odors, and discomfort.

In coastal and southern climates where heat and humidity are an issue, the air conditioner is not the right product to manage humidity – it’s designed to control temperature. Aprilaire’s Ventilating Dehumidifier (E100V + 8190FF) is a new product designed with contractors and builders in mind to provide a simple, efficient, and effective solution for delivering filtered and conditioned air to the home to create a healthy environment. Like all Aprilaire products, the Ventilating Dehumidifier connects to their line of smart IAQ controls and thermostats, making homeowner management simple and convenient.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought high-efficiency filtration to the forefront of consumers’ concerns when considering a Healthy Home. MERV 13 filtration is becoming a standard among builders committed to delivering healthy homes due to the high capture rate of particulate PM2.5, the size considered to be most harmful to human health that includes viruses and bacteria.

Helping Hand in the Community

Aprilaire closely partners with the American Lung Association. Aprilaire 4” air filters are included in the American Lung Association Proud Partner program*. It also supports the American Lung Association Fight For Air Climb.

Brandon says, “The funds raised support research, education, and patient programs to help the millions of Americans impacted by asthma, COPD, lung cancer, air pollution, and other lung diseases.”

“Aprilaire is also active in our home community of Madison, Wisconsin, with employees donating time and money to countless efforts and organizations, including St. Vincent de Paul, an organization that fights hunger and homelessness,” Brandon concludes.

*The American Lung Association does not endorse any product, device, or service.