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Mark A. Griffin | President & Owner | Blue Eagle Consulting

Blue Eagle Consulting: Providing Cutting Edge IT Solutions for Healthcare Space

In an interview with Insights Success, Mark A. Griffin, President and Owner of Blue Eagle Consulting, shares insights on how the company creates an ideal pairing between a consultant’s skill set and a client’s business need in order to provide exemplary IT and business solutions for healthcare. Also, he broadly discusses the company’s core competencies and the services it offers.
Below are the highlights of the interview conducted between Mark and Insights Success:
Give a brief overview of the company and its vision. 
We provide IT/Business professional services for healthcare, specifically Health Plans and Provider organizations. We are known as a “low risk, low client effort – high return” consulting services partner. Our resources are highly experienced and software smart which enables us to quickly and efficiently address client needs and critical deliverables.
How do you diversify your products and solutions in order to benefit your customers? 
We assist healthcare organizations with maximizing the use and results of their technology investments, primarily in two segments of healthcare: Payers and Provider organizations. While maintaining quality of results and value over 15 years, we have evolved with the ever changing landscape around how, who and where our services are engaged. We started off in 2004 servicing only the Health Plan market. That has expanded and now includes the Provider organizations. Our revenue is split between direct with customers – 50%. Partner/Strategic relationships with national multiple-billion-dollar management consulting firms- 30%, and our new, and revolutionary service line of contract clinical review nurses for Prior Authorizations within Health Plan Utilization Management department.

“It would be easy to take a requirement, send over twenty candidates and leave you with the burden of shifting and filtering them yourself. We don’t think there’s a lot of value in that model.”

Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of Blue Eagle Consulting? 
We never lose focus on the importance of understanding a client’s needs and expectations; then assembling the people and service(s) that are proven to deliver commensurate with the experience and expertise to achieve them. So solving ever changing technology and operational challenges for our clients still revolves around having stellar people with a long history of accomplish. Providing that caliber of people is what we do best.
What are the evident challenges in the Healthcare IT Solutions industry? 
The U.S Healthcare system has now achieved the goal of digitizing almost all its data. However, with that achievement, new challenges are arising in the areas of how and what to do with that data? Areas like effective and optimum use of that data, Security and Patient Privacy, and Data Analytics are crucial for the initial phase.
Considering the rising number of Healthcare IT solution providers, how does Blue Eagle Consulting stand out from its competitors? 
The number of “enterprise level” solution providers is actually going down. But the number of niche “data analytic vendors” is increasingly rapidly. We are still a “go to” firm for those “top of pyramid’ SME’s on all major healthcare enterprise level systems. And for that reason, we are seeing an increase in the number of partnerships we are entering into with the data analytic, niche vendors. We provide the people and expertise to bridge the gap between an enterprise level Hospital/EMR system (Epic, Cerner/Siemens, Meditech, McKesson etc.) and their analytic services, mapping and creating the data feeds programs that “download” specific data from their clients systems back into their analytic services.
Where does Blue Eagle Consulting envision itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals? 
Over time, never losing focus on the value and importance of talent, expertise and specific experience in our people and services. Those are unforgiving and ever-present factors in our business. If you fail there, nothing else matters. Our track record in this area is outstanding. We have a long-standing reputation for being a firm that “gets it right the first time”.
About the Leader 
Mark has a passion for quality and execution in business. He understands the situation clients are in because he was one of them for 20+ years. He sets a high bar for results in the organization and works to ensure that everyone is on the same page. “Deliverables matter, it is our job to ensure that client results are corresponding with expectations and needs” asserts Mark.
About the Company 
Blue Eagle Consulting delivers contract Health IT resources to help its clients implement or optimize their core business applications so that valuable and usable information is provided every day. And this is not limited to just understanding the technology, it is moreover providing effective work flow, business process, and outcome decision management processes for each client environment. This is where we excel; providing both the specific software knowledge and healthcare business expertise to get clinical and business results that matter.

Clientele Assessments

“We enjoyed having (consultant) last week. He is been a great asset to the project, has worked well with the team members, and has met timelines. His status updates are accurate and professional. He is a pleasure to work with.” – Senior VP Integration Services & Privacy Officer

“Mark, I have a lot of respect for you and how you manage your business and treat your employees. Thank you, I.S.” – Senior Project Manager, Office of the CIO “I know I represent the entire…team in stating what a pleasure it was to work with [your consultant].” – Health Plan Client

“Add the AMERIGROUP quote about Maryann from years ago. During my 9-year tenure with (Client) I have worked on many projects with consultants. I know I represent the entire HCMS team in stating what a pleasure it was to work with Blue Eagle Consulting and their team. Their ability to understand the issues and bring them to resolution attributed to the smoothest transition I have experienced.” Lauren, VP of IS, Health Plan