Benedikt Brueckle: Synchronizing Healthcare

In an Interview with Insights Success, Benedikt BrueckleCEO of CompuGroup Medical, Inc. (CGM Inc.) shares his journey and about his contribution in the healthcare industry through CompuGroup Medical, Inc. (CGM Inc.). Benedikt is a top performing management executive in e-Health and digital healthcare with expertise in building and optimizing organizational processes, measurement systems, and infrastructure to maximize business results. He is expert in running software operations throughout the United States and Europe, including restructuring, opening new markets and expanding market share. His focus is on developing strategic plans into workable solutions and bench-marking performance against key operational targets and goals. He is a strategic leader, driven to grow and expand business organically and inorganically (acquisitions) and to explore new markets and drive efficiency.
Below are the highlights of the interview between Benedikt Brueckle and Insights Success:
As best known as a strategic leader, what are some of your key leadership traits that drive both your personal and organizational success? 
First of all it is about our vision and mission, that no one should suffer or even die just because medical information is missing somewhere at some point. That is what drives me and our whole team. Then it’s about honesty, integrity paired with passion and enthusiasm to get us where our mission needs us. Large parts of the healthcare sector rely on us doing our job and drive synchronization and digitalization in healthcare.
What does your typical day look like? 
Usually I start the day very early at around 5 Am with about 30 minutes of swimming and then taking care of our animals.
Most of the time I take an Uber to work, so I can already use the commute to read the latest Blogs and articles to get me up to speed.
The first hour in the office is reserved for emails and notes, whereas the rest of the day usually is taken by phone calls and meetings with employees, customers and stakeholders.
What according to you are some of the challenges that exist in the current healthcare technology sector? 
The biggest challenge in healthcare technology currently is interoperability. There are more than 1,000 vendors that could each have a small piece of someone’s medical history and the challenge is to bring this all together to one Personal Health Record.
That is what we are currently working on.
As an eHealth provider with a comprehensive portfolio of cutting edge healthcare IT solutions, how does CGM Inc. stay ahead of the competition curve? 
Our differentiator is our staff. We try to employ the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry; to be sure we develop cutting edge solutions for our customers and the benefit of their patients.
This lead to a series of unique and patented technologies, like one of the most secure data encryption algorithms on the market, that make our offerings so unique and outstanding.
Share with us the key benefits of CGM Inc. portfolio. 
CompuGroup Medical delivers important software and services to improve health and the quality of life. We encourage communication in the healthcare sector and ensure that costs are kept low. We build bridges between physicians, pharmacies, health insurances, laboratories, rehab & care facilities and hospitals and help them to optimally treat people.
Our goal is to introduce our tele-heath solution to immobilized patients and those in rural areas so they get access to the best possible healthcare available. We will work with the providers to get patients involved and provide them with their personal medical data electronically, both in a holistic and secure manner. The future of healthcare is a patient that is aware and takes care of himself before getting ill – so preventive care using predictive technology will be the buzzword in the future. A person’s health is their most valuable possession. With intelligent IT, we help preserve it.
Could you share with us one of your memorable moments of success? 
My most memorable moments of success in my professional life are any and each interaction with our customers that ends with them being happy.
From your experience, how do you think leaders can overcome the fear of failure? 
I mentor my young managers always with the saying, “there is no success without failure”. Failing is a substantial ingredient on the pathway to success. I only see a manager as complete, if on his path to the top he also made the experience of failure and then excelled in finding a way out of it.
As a visionary leader, what advice would you like to give to start-ups and booming entrepreneurs? 
Know your customer and be persistent. I cannot remember a single company that was not successful when living by those two principles.
About the Company 
CompuGroup Medical is a global eHealth provider with a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge IT solutions for the healthcare industry. It connects doctors, hospitals, community health facilities, dentists, pharmacists, health insurers and other service providers to create an integrated network of all healthcare stakeholders. As a result, CompuGroup Medical is able to help these organizations improve efficiency, optimize care and increase patient satisfaction while also improving profitability.