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Berry Hendriks | Founder & CEO | CyBe Construction B.V.

Berry Hendriks: Redefining the Construction Industry

Raised as the fourth generation in a large construction company, Berry Hendriks, the Founder & CEO of CyBe, grew up at the construction site. Fascinated by building, he has worked in various segments of the industry. Responsible for his own construction projects at the family-owned company Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling – existing since 1922 -, he started experimenting changing processes from design to the way projects are built. Every day he was more curious why the construction industry didn’t change to automated processes while other industries had changed decades ago. He decided to not only dream about it and started CyBe to redefine the construction industry.
In an interview with Insights Success, Berry unveils his fascination for the construction industry. He also shares his key insights on how he is solving social and economic problems using less raw material and transportation for a more sustainable planet through CyBe. Berry states, what started as an ambition to simplify the complex conventional processes in the construction industry has grown to an independent company. CyBe develops technology and creates solutions to enable 3D concrete printing accessible to all clients throughout the industry: solutions to simplify the complex processes and to work together more efficiently. “In construction, ‘we’ work together,” he adds. When creating solutions, CyBe always keeps the future in mind. It automates heavy labor to cover the increasing shortage of co-workers around the world. The team at CyBe works hard with a lot of creativity and fun, as its slogan says it all: Have fun, Be amazing, Stay happy and Live long!
Below are the highlights of the interview: 
How do you diversify your organization’s solutions that appeal to your target audience? 
Within our team, we ensure that we can do all elements of construction and manufacturing the 3Dprinters with related software. One team one task – in the fragmented and regional construction industry most companies specialize. We believe in a holistic view about projects – it’s design and structural principle we make and how we make them.
What is your thought process behind leading the organization effectively? 
I’m aware of my exemplary role as CEO – I’m trying to behave in a way which I would like my team to act similar. We create common goals – a common mission. We gain new experiences in weekly loops in which communication is key. Development is running fast while learning by doing next to the procedures which are simple and clear, and the trainings we provide. Furthermore, we’ve created a divers and balanced team in which each person uses their strengths. By using their qualities and being responsible the team stays motivated and is eager to develop themselves and the products they deliver. That’s why we search for the passion of each employee so they can excel and bring added value to the organization growth.
Describe some of the vital attributes that every best performing CEO should possess. 

  • Listen to your organization/team – empower people
  • Carry out a clear vision.
  • Be able to switch fast between operational, tactical and strategic level within company processes and activities.

What are the experiences and lessons that you’ve learned across your journey? 

  • Together with a motivated team you will be able to overcome even the hardest Ÿ challenges. There is always a way – just think and plan before you act.
  • Take care of your team, the team will take care of the organization. At CyBe, we took this into practice by monthly 1 on 1 meetings with all team members. The goal of this meeting is to learn and improve the individual and the organization.

Explain how your strategies are helping employees to bridge the gap between idea and execution.
Within every project, we push to improve the way of working and technology itself. This way we grow step by step with the aim to the long-term mission – building faster cheaper and more sustainable – within every project we push the boundaries and gain new knowledge and experiences, weekly loops, learning by doing.
Where does CyBe Construction sees itself in the near future and how do you plan to sustain its competency? 
Currently, the fundament is laid out and credibility gained regarding the technology and what can be built with it. By entering new geographical markets, we need to push to reduce cost and time even further. By solving this economic puzzle, we keep ahead of the competition. Also, since we build ourselves using the technology. Based on these experiences we can support our partners even better and create a learning community around our technology with these international partners focusing on building faster, cheaper and more sustainable.
At this moment we started CyBe Academy and focus on continuous learning and education- a lifelong continuous learning!
What advice would you like to give to the young minds? 
Start thinking about your ambition at a young age – involve coaches and surround yourself with a team that supports you and the organization its ambition.