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Tao Huo | Co-Founder | BaishanCloud

BaishanCloud Technology: An Innovative Footprint in CloudTech

Cloud technology has penetrated every digital medium, from starting your morning with a social media feed to integrating office workflow. The capabilities that cloud technology offers by leveraging multiple solutions are unparalleled to match customer needs. Embracing the cloud technology to be a leading independent edge cloud service provider in China with strong global outreach capabilities, offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, and developer services, Tao Huo co-founded BaishanCloud Technology in 2015.

When China accelerated mass entrepreneurship and innovation strategy, Tao found the strategy a one-time opportunity, introducing BaishanCloud Technology as a cloud service provider with a focus on the management of the full life cycle of data.

Propelling the Space in China

Entering the seventh year of its business, BaishanCloud has evolved from a CDN-centric provider to an edge cloud service provider in China with strong global outreach capabilities, offering neutral infrastructure, cloud-native security, and developer services. The Company is leveraging its globally distributed edge cloud platform and its software development capabilities; It provides a wide range of industry-agnostic application solutions for global internet and enterprise customers across different industry verticals.

Staying Ahead

With its global edge cloud network, the Baishan serverless edge cloud platform provides a secure and stable full suite of global edge acceleration services, managing and processing customers’ application and solution needs at the edge.

Adopting the concept of Zero Trust and SASE, the Baishan edge cloud platform facilitates enterprises’ simultaneous transformation of moving to the cloud and data security system. The platform provides unified security protection and management of enterprises’ networks, applications, and data. The CDN + security solution propelled many enterprise-level clients.

Tao mentions that Baishan’s serverless edge cloud platform supports full lifecycle management of APIs. Using containers and heterogeneous application system orchestration on the edge nodes, the platform reduces solution development threshold, empowers agile development, and improves operational efficiency for enterprise customers to provide optimal application solutions for enterprise digital transformation!

As an integral part of its global edge cloud services, Baishan’s CDN continues to become more competitive in China and the rest of Asia. It is widely recognized as one of the top regional cloud content distribution providers in terms of response time, availability, and throughout.

Business Traction

BaishanCloud’s vast experience in network operation and understanding of the global CDN industry, along with its innovative service serving as business tractions. Tao shares, “We understand our clients’ service commitment to the global audience, and we have the resources and expertise needed in China and Asia to help navigate the network, regulatory, and security challenges.”

Baishan’s CDN + Security + edge cloud product suite offers unmatched network presence and technical/compliance expertise. Its customers are covered by regional delivery deployment add-on anti-DDoS and WAF services.

The Cloud Experts

BaishanCloud aims to empower its employees with appropriate training with an inclusive culture. Ultimately, a happy employee creates a satisfied customer.

The Company aims to be a globally respected technology company driven by technology and service innovations. With the global edge cloud services, Tao hopes to be of great assistance to global enterprises in their digital transformation process.

The Pandemic Effect

Tao expresses that, on the one hand, the pandemic has raised expectations for the quality of content people consume and significantly increased network traffic with everything being pushed online. Static content and low-resolution content simply can’t meet the expectation anymore. On the other hand, the appetite also increases – people want to consume more and consume on-demand. Wait time or buffering is no longer acceptable.

All these place challenges and opportunities on the network infrastructure and the computing system – strategic planning and regional emphasis would be crucial for the sustainability of cloud service infrastructure development.

Tao states that during the most challenging coronavirus outbreak in China, Baishan provided free network services for online course distribution/acceleration for many elementary and high schools in China. More recently, for the entire duration of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games Baishan provided full network services and support for mainstream media and live streaming platforms in China to ensure seamless viewing experience for audience across the globe. He mentions, “Our team worked 24/7 to deliver uninterrupted viewing experiences for millions of our global online viewers.”

Moving Ahead with Cloud

BaishanCloud is committed to addressing the arising application needs of global customers in their digital transformation processes while serving global internet and enterprise customers. The Company has experienced rapid growth since its inception, and its innovative edge cloud products have gained considerable traction in the marketplace, both at home and overseas.

Let the Testimonials do the Talking!

“It has been a great journey for BaishanCloud in the past six years of development. We could not be where we are without our reliable alliances.”

– Wei Wang, Sr. Director of Operations at New Oriental Education & Technology Group

“Our society is facing great uncertainty, but I firmly believe technology provides certainty. Geekbang joins force with Baishan to bravely face those uncertainties.”

– Taiwen Huo, Tech Partner at InfoQ China Geekbang

“BaishanCloud works to provide technical solutions that meet clients’ needs and beyond. We have maintained close cooperation, jointly expanding the global market, providing secure and effective network services to every terminal.”

– Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO at Zenlayer