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Asia Pacific Technology Systems Private Limited: Advancing Security Services and Network Infrastructure in the Industry

Asia Pacific Technology Systems (Private) Limited, was inaugurated in October 2008 as an IT solutions provider in Sri Lanka. It was founded to bridge the gap in the local IT hardware sector for true value adding solutions, which were sought by most local companies at the time. The visionary thinking and proactive initiation of Founder, resulted in the incorporation of a much-needed business entity which, from its humble beginnings, has grown into a fully-fledged internationally recognized corporate.
APTS has been making waves with each project it successfully carries out. The business initially focused mainly on small scale businesses to cater to the void existing in the personnel systems market and to fulfill ever demanding customer requirements.
The APTS motto; “Right things for the Right reasons,” most precisely puts across the objectives and aims of the company in perspective. At times when most new IT companies struggle to face high tides to even survive the first two years, the owner has taken his company through the challenging times which engulf any start-up, to green pastures and beyond, reaching its eighth-year mile stone. His unwavering belief in sincerity, trust and keeping his promises to clients, together with perseverance, perspiration and being proactive has taken to great heights.
Magnificent Personality of APTS
Everyone wants to be great and reach achievement milestones, but not everyone is willing to commit to the grueling process that being great requires. Many people give up after one try, one failure. They settle for being average instead of striving and working to be great.
But, this is a different character that breaks all the barriers and achieved the life so fast. He was born in Galle as the first child of his family. After school, in the year 2001 he joined with a mercantile firm as the start of his career path. He learned about the basic things in IT field through that job. After few months he thought that he knows much better in the field and decided to start his own store in Colombo.
Mr. Namal Senararatna, owns a profitable organization in IT sector called Asia Pacific Technology Systems Private Limited.
Promising Services of APTS
At a time when Sri Lankan businesses need turnkey solutions to stay competitive, the organization has become the preferred provider for corporate and business customers. Backed by renowned and ever reliable products and financial strength, The Company is a capable, flexible, and reliable solutions partner. The organization employs a consultative approach to meet the needs of modern business. It starts with a rigorous process of innovative thinking. Advanced technology is used to ensure that every requirement is met.
Thousands of businesses of all types and sizes, in every sector of the economy, rely on their solutions. Some of the largest and most sophisticated integrated systems commissioned in Sri Lanka have been implemented by APTS. Every APTS is covered by a multi-faceted service commitment that has set the standard in the local IT Industry.
Five ways of our products as follows:

  1. Security Solutions- Protect your business from devastating threats and grow with peace of mind
  2. Network Infrastructure- Make sure your data packets have seamless movement across the network
  3. Wireless solutions- Essential for today’s mobile workforce
  4. Managed Services- Scalability based on business demand; fewer delivery risks; and  operational performance metrics tied to process excellence
  5. Data center Solutions- The brain of a company and the place where the most critical processes are run.

Challenges Executed by APTS
The organization no longer looks to the past to help predict the future. There are many challenges ahead in ensuring our organizations continue to survive. They had less resources and less money when they start. Now they have grown. Yet the expectations for product and service delivery are higher than ever.
It is now urgent that they quickly build or re-shape our organizational culture so that quality, in the delivery of their products and services, is “right things for right reasons.” This will ensure a continued focus on organizational effectiveness, efficiency and the meeting of all customer requirements.
APTS all set for Executions in the Coming Business Days
APTS vision is “to be a globally recognized company in the ICT industry, providing quality services that exceed client expectations and are reliable and flexible.”
Mission is “Building long term relationships with customers by providing exceptional customer service, pursuing business through innovation and latest technology and adding value by delivering the right service, at the right time, for the right reasons.”
APTS footsteps are-

  • Expanding into various aspects and sectors of the ICT industry, while managing and developing a strong, loyal and satisfied customer base.
  • Increasing company investments to support the development of product delivery.
  • Building good reputation among customers and thriving to be a key player in the industry.
  • Inspire others on the team to get on board about future changes
  • Use collaborative tools to enact the changes and generate framework for larger organization
  • Automate processes within the organization to maintain efficiency while moving to that next level
  • Be prepared to make changes to the strategy along the way
  • Identifying current and planned needs or customer insight to shape new product or service development
  • Cross-selling of other products by highlighting and suggesting alternatives or enhancements
  • Train everyone who helps us in business
  • Raise our Leadership
  • Create a “Wow” experience for our customers and prospects
  • And, to achieve 1 billion in next year

Asia Pacific Technology System firmly believes in treating their customers with respect and trust. They grow through valued services, timely delivery and profoundness in end solutions. They integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of their business that build relationships, professionalism, reliability, knowledge and skills.

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