The 10 Most Valuable SDN Solution Providers 2017 Dec-Jan2018

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“Our commitment to OpenDaylight (ODL) and open source set us apart from our competitors when it comes to transparency and flexibility.”

Cover Page - The 10 most valuable SDN Solution providers in 2017 - Insights Success

Inocybe Technologies: Simplifying the Deployment, Management of Intelligent Open Networks

Software defined networking (SDN) is not a technology, rather architecture for the next generation of networks. By definition, SDN is the separation of the hardware plane from network devices and the operating system that manages network traffic and security. Traditionally, cloud service providers, telecoms, and some enterprises have made significant investments in closed, proprietary network solutions from vendors like Cisco, Ericsson, Juniper, Nokia, Huawei, and others. These solutions were……..
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The 10 Most Valuable SDN Solution Providers 2017

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