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Asia Data Destruction

Asia Data Destruction: Securing Data Deletion for Global Businesses

Imagine your business as a fortress, fortified with layers of security to protect your most valuable assets. You have firewalls to prevent unauthorized access, encryption to safeguard sensitive information, and a team of dedicated professionals to maintain the integrity of your digital infrastructure. But what happens when the time comes to retire outdated hardware or dispose of old storage devices? If it’s not properly destroyed, it can fall into the wrong hands and cause serious damage.

That’s why data destruction is so important. In today’s world, where data breaches and cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, it’s vital that we take steps to protect sensitive information. Whether you’re a business owner, a government agency, or an individual with personal data to protect, data destruction should be a top priority. By securely and completely destroying data that is no longer needed, we can prevent it from being accessed or misused by unauthorized parties.

Asia Data Destruction is one such organization that helps companies accomplish this. Founded by Laurent Landie and Supaksorn Saelim, ADD arose from their ambition to establish something of their own after he was let go from two organizations. Since then, this innovative company has specialized in providing data destruction services to organizations of all sizes, ensuring that their sensitive information is permanently erased from any digital device. They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that data cannot be recovered or restored, providing clients with the peace of mind they need to focus on their core business activities.

Today, for over 12 years, they have been providing successful Certified Data Destruction Solutions to more than 500 companies globally. Their services are comprehensive and dependable, guaranteeing that customers’ data is safely eradicated in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations.

Let us embark on a journey of discovery with Asia Data Destruction and uncover the secrets of secure data destruction!

Couple Transforms from E-Waste Recycling to IT Asset Disposal Service

Laurent initially decided to start a business together. Upon closer inspection, however, they realized that refurbishing the computers they were disassembling to recycle would be more profitable than their initial plan to recycle e-waste. This led them to change their focus to remodeling, as it enabled them to make more money with the same resources. For instance, restoring 100 PCs generated more income than recycling them. Ultimately, their switch from recycling to remodeling proved to be a successful move and has paid off.

Surprised and somewhat amused, they stumbled upon a PC with a full hard drive of data from a former company they had worked with. As the data on the hard drive was incredibly important and could have put them in a legally precarious situation, they decided to propose the destruction of the data as an IT asset disposal service. Unbeknownst to them, this industry already existed in countries such as the US, Japan, and Europe long before the establishment of data protection laws such as GDPR.

15 years on, and here they are today – all thanks to the IT asset disposal service they started back then.

Obliterate Your Data for Maximum Data Security

Once the data has gone through its cycle, the best way to protect it is to destroy it. People produce, use, store, and invest energy and money in securing the data while it is connected. Nevertheless, when a computer is disconnected, all the data remains on the device, so obliteration is the most reliable method to secure the data at this stage.

The emergence of the cloud has caused some to assume that the data destruction industry will become obsolete. Even though cloud storage can help, it still poses a risk; therefore, for maximum data protection, it is better to store data on one’s own computer.

Successful Business from Scratch

Fifteen years ago, Laurent and Supaksorn – both entrepreneurs who had worked in the corporate world – took a bold challenge to start their own company without seeking financial help from their parents. This was an incredible feat, given that Supaksorn was the CEO. Despite the lack of financial support, the couple managed to grow slowly but steadily. Prior to his civil service career, Laurent was a teacher. After that, he accepted positions in the Middle East, the Philippines, & Thailand. To leave the civil service, Laurent applied at Adecco and became their sales director before joining Manpower. It’s clear that the couple persevered through a number of challenges and achieved tremendous success despite their humble beginning.

After being laid off from a company without explanation, he felt a sense of injustice. This experience prompted him to join Manpower just as a crisis was unfolding in Thailand. He decided to take his destiny into his own hands and founded ADD 15 years ago, providing himself with a sense of safety and security. Now a 50-person mission, he and his wife are not alone in this endeavor; they are surrounded by a team of engineers who have been with them since the start and are deeply committed to their wellbeing. This mission is successful thanks to all the staff playing an essential role.

Thailand’s New Provident Fund Initiative

In today’s world, finding qualified and knowledgeable workers for new industries can be quite daunting. To stay up to date with ever-changing technology and software, companies must invest in their employees and provide them with exciting and stimulating work. Furthermore, employers should treat their employees fairly and offer them adequate social security, insurance, and medical coverage. Laurent, the owner, is proud of the progress made in taking care of employees and the benefits that can be provided.

Amidst the challenges of COVID, Thailand is introducing provident funds as a retirement plan. Currently, when people leave their jobs, they receive a minimal amount (usually less than $50) from the government. This new initiative hopes to further the provident fund in order to motivate people to stay with their employers and thrive. Such a work environment is essential for businesses and their workers to succeed.

Rebuilding a Sustainable Digital Economy

The organization is committed to promoting recycling and decreasing waste in landfills. Their specialized recycling unit dismantles products, ensuring all components are properly recycled. Their goal of creating a more eco-friendly future is something they are passionate about, and continuously evolving to stay ahead. Being swift to react and adjust, they are able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances to reach their objectives.

They are determined to join forces to shrink their carbon footprint and protect the environment by developing a digital economy that puts emphasis on data security and people while reducing their clients’ carbon footprints. To achieve this, they have established an asset management system that preserves the assets’ functionality even when disconnected while also meeting compliance regulations and wiping the data once the assets are collected. Thus, they are working towards a future of sustainability and data security.

For guaranteed protection of your information, it is essential to securely erase data from your hard drive. Utilizing the right software, data can be recovered within 30 minutes, even after a factory reset. To ensure your data is secure, you have two options: physically destroy the hard drive or utilize software to wipe the data. The latter entails removing the data from the hard drive, allowing you to have a functional hard drive with no data on it. After this, a technician will inspect the machine and carry out any necessary repairs, such as replacing any faulty parts. Finally, the technician will resell the license to the original owner, who is the sole holder of the license.

Business model: Take, erase, refurbish, fix, and resell.

To be Sure

What they care about is really: To be sure.

For the past 15 years, they have been guaranteeing that no hard disk goes astray by implementing a thorough procedure. This includes examining the legal history of their labor force, technicians, and logistics personnel, as well as carrying out drug and alcohol tests. This ensures that the people they collaborate with are reliable and dependable. In addition, each hard disk they acquire is enclosed in a box and sealed and is monitored throughout the entire process to ensure it arrives safely and securely at their facility.

Despite having a liability of $2 million, their customers can rest assured that any legal issues related to data loss are safeguarded against. This financial protection, along with their commitment to all environments and people, as well as 15 years of experience in the industry, makes them a unique provider in the region. Since the start of the industry when there was no data privacy law, they have gained immense knowledge of processes and markets, enabling them to handle business with confidence.

Data Destruction in 45 Countries

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, the company has two offices and a team of 50 professionals. Their global network spans 45 countries, allowing them to offer high-quality data destruction services worldwide. They have branches in Cambodia and Vietnam and have extended their reach to the Middle East, South Africa, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Brazil. With a commitment to continuously improving their network and processes, their experienced personnel guarantee complete data destruction for their clients.

Recently, Laurent and the team from a transfer fund company embarked on a journey to the bank with money on board. To ensure safety, the truck and its driver were monitored based on size and tracked with GPS. Additionally, 24/7 camera surveillance was in place to secure the books and materials upon arrival. His friend, the director of HR, emphasized the importance of security, stressing the reliability and trustworthiness of the driver. Prior to the COVID pandemic, they had taken great care to bring 35 people to Siem Reap, Cambodia, which was a novel experience for two-thirds of them. This year, they are planning to take 45 or 50 people to Vietnam, a significant undertaking.

In Southeast Asia, the primary issue concerning data protection is the weak enforcement of existing laws. This has caused people to not prioritize data protection in their activities, instead favoring collaboration with international companies. Despite the introduction of new legislation, people continue to be unconcerned about data protection, creating a second challenge. This is linked to a lack of education, causing people to be attracted to buying second-hand items rather than new ones. The second-hand market is highly common in Europe, Japan, and the US, while emerging economies have a wide gap between the wealthy and the poor and few in between. When second-hand stores began in Vietnam and Cambodia, they had to first find recyclers and smelting companies to begin operations. Consequently, Laos has yet to have a presence in the second-hand market due to a lack of these services. Therefore, the nations chosen for expansion are carefully picked.

Revolutionizing Data Destruction

ADD has responded to industry disruptions, trends, and new technologies by updating its operations. For instance, when HDDs were initially introduced, a degausser – a powerful magnet – was used to delete data stored on magnetic media. But with the introduction of SSDs, the data is stored differently and therefore requires a distinct approach. The degaussing of the magnet is no longer effective, leaving only the options of either software or physical destruction to ensure data is completely erased. This presents a great challenge as the software needs to be developed with a partner in Finland, and the chips have to be destroyed quickly to guarantee data is fully eradicated.

Laurent encountered an unprecedented challenge from the data center. Trying to find the spot of the data when customers called for deletion was strenuous, and when a smartphone with cloud data was provided, but the owners had mislaid the access code, quick and prudent decisions had to be made. In spite of having no engineering background, the protagonist assisted the group with his story-telling capability, jokingly saying that “I’m better at telling stories.” This necessitated an expansion in the business and time taken, and the 58-year-old protagonist wanted to reduce his workload while still keeping control. Ultimately, his story showed the significance of striking a balance between life and pleasure by entrusting responsibility to someone reliable.

Power of CSR

Many large corporations are often content with the services they provide. However, those who use the service may not be aware of it; instead, it tends to go unnoticed. As the head of an organization, other CEOs at the table often utilize his services without realizing it. His primary focus lies in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which can involve aiding foundations and NGOs. In Thailand and other countries, organizations are often keen to promote that they have donated laptops or printers to a charity. He believes this is not enough and suggests a more practical CSR: rather than donating used laptops and printers, they should buy them back from charities and help with necessary repairs, such as fixing roofs and covering teachers’ salaries.

We are thrilled to unveil our relocation to a cutting-edge facility, a pivotal step in advancing our commitment to providing unmatched IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) Services. This move underlines our dedication to setting the gold standard within the industry. Our new facility underscores our unwavering focus on security, sustainability, and the absolute highest quality in service delivery. This strategic transition marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming the benchmark for excellence in the ITAD market, solidifying our position at the forefront of the industry.