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Are Essay Writers Safe and Legit?

Students usually face a lot while in school, and that’s the truth. From attending numerous classes to submitting countless assignments and handling other personal activities, there’s so much that they have to handle. And on top of it all, they have to maintain good grades.
As a result, many students would rather outsource some things that they can’t deal with, and that includes their essays. This is especially particular among undergraduates who don’t know how to write or simply don’t enjoy doing it.
Still, you need to know if academic essay writers are safe and legit. Is professional essay writers a myth or reality? And if they are, how can you know which writer to employ for your essays?
It’s completely safe and even sometimes advisable to employ the services of an essay writer and an essay writing service to boost your grades. Think of it as having a tutor or taking special classes. All that’s important is that you know what the paper is all about.
Still, while there are different essay writers available in the world today, you need to be sure that whoever you’re going for is worth your time and money. Many writers offer their clients cheap and low-value papers that ruin their grades rather than boost them. That’s why you have to be very careful.
First off, the best place to find a legit and safe essay writer is in a reputable organization that offers essay writing services. That means you can’t afford to select the first essay writer or essay writing service you come across, even if they are affordable.
How to Find Out If an Essay Writing Service Is Legit?
You can confirm how legit a writing service is by test-ordering from such a company. While doing that, there are some criteria they have to meet before you decide that they’re good enough to handle the assignment you’re about to give them.
A legit writing service must meet the following requirements:

  • They must be able to freely communicate with their client;
  • They know how to conduct adequate research for your article;
  • Can create a grammar free draft with the right structure;
  • A legit writing service should also be able to write academic papers with the correct formation and citation styles;
  • All content must be unique and 100% plagiarism-free;
  • They offer stellar customer service and agree to sign an agreement with you that your ordered paper is yours and yours only. It can’t be used for any other thing besides a model essay or writing guideline.

Any writing service that meets all these requirements is legit and definitely one you should employ to write your school essay. We know that it takes a lot of work and process, but it’s usually better to go through this stress and be sure you’re getting the best service there is, instead of bearing the consequences of a poorly written essay later.
What are the Signs of an Unsafe Writing Service?
There are other signs you should look out for when selecting a suitable essay writing service to provide you with a safe essay writer. Once you spot them, know that you should move far away from those people.
Ridiculously Low Price 
Nothing good comes cheap, and that applies to almost everything in this world. For an essay that needs time and energy to write, there should be a price that would be commensurate to the amount of effort put into the work. That means if you find anyone that’s offering to write your articles at a ridiculously low price, chances are they are fake and would only deliver low-quality papers. Avoid those people.
No User Agreement
A legit writing service will be transparent about the kinds of services that they offer and do their best to protect their client’s rights and confidentiality. Some of the services that a reputable writing company will offer are revision and refund guarantees. Also, their website must contain their Terms and Conditions, and their Privacy Policy. If any of these is missing, then that’s a scam site and one you should avoid.
Lack of Availability
While some of these sites may make it seem like they’re there for all your needs for as long as their services are required, most of these fake sites will disappear once they’ve delivered a half-baked article to you. Then you’re left to sort out your issue yourself. Before employing the services of anyone, ask all the questions that you can ask to confirm that they will be there for you 24/7.
No Online Presence
You can’t decide to use a writing service based on the reviews on their site. Some of these reviews might be fake and untrustworthy. One way you can know if a site is worthy of your time and money is if they have an online presence outside their webpage. What are people saying about them? Do they come highly recommended among other writing sites?
If you can’t find anything about a particular writing service, then you might be looking at a fake service and would have to look for someone else.
Other Important Information to Note
In dealing with professional writers, there are a few other details you have to note:

  1. When ordering for an essay to be written, you will have to drop some personal details about yourself, like your name, phone number, and email. You don’t have to worry as long as the company has confidentiality policies – your details are safe.
  2. You own the paper written by any essay writer, and you can do whatever you want to do with it as you see fit.
  3. Some sites sell pre-written articles, but it’s highly recommended that you ask the writer to write yours from scratch.

In the words of Joan Young, an academic writing expert from AdvancedWriters, “Your essay says a lot about you, so you have to make it good.” That is why, sometimes, you might need the help of professional essay writers to help you. They will meet all the requirements, beat deadlines, and even protect your anonymity. That’s more than a good bargain.
However, you have to be sure that you are getting a writer from a safe writing service. Writers in such companies have been thoroughly screened and most of them are graduates of reputable universities, so they know exactly what your professors need to see in your essay, give it a pass.

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