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Angela Earl, Vice President Global Marketing, RFPIO

Angela Earl: Delivering You Accessible Marketing Solutions

What makes you buy any product? The opinion may differ from product to product. However, one common thing that aligns with most of the products is effective marketing. Do you remember buying some specific cookies only for the melodious jingle it was marketed with or purchasing a superhero figurine only because you were sold to their extraordinary world-saving abilities? The magic that marketing creates for the products is undeniably the most efficient way for organizations to succeed. With digitalization coming into the mix, leaders in marketing are generating innovative content that can sky-rocketed the ways of selling products.

Creating such magic marketing from the past 16 years is Angela Earl, the Vice President of Global Marketing of RFPIO. Her learning experience comes from various situations that dealt and in doing that, she also came across amazing people creating beautiful memories. Challenges were nothing new to her, but she managed to turn them into valuable life-long lessons. She reminisces a lesson where she was fired for being late; Angela asserts, “From tactical lessons in time management to life-impacting ones like putting people first, my journey has continued to challenge me and make me a better person.”

Unlocking Your Potential

RFPIO is one of the market leaders in response management software, trusted by renowned organizations to streamline their RFP processes. The company is on a mission to be among the best places to work. Angela works with a strong team of leaders who focus on building trust, valuing work-life balance, promoting diversity and inclusiveness, and instilling a true sense of ownership and belonging daily. She notes, “We believe that response management is a game-changer for how customer-facing teams manage externally-facing content and are fortunate to have a product that delivers tangible ROI and significant improvements for our customers.”

In its pursuit of delivering the best solutions, RFPIO has assisted Microsoft to have saved an estimated $2.4 Million using its software which is a tremendous instance of the company’s effective solutions. RFPIO is reinventing how customer-facing teams create content, respond to opportunities, and meet prospects’ needs to drive true results.

The Pillars of RFPIO

Built upon solid ethical work values, RFPIO drives a culture that is engrained into its core. Angela states these values as follows:

Get it done — This is one of our core tenets and plays into everything we do. Whether it’s adding a new feature, launching a marketing campaign, or responding to a support ticket—we’re all motivated to get it done.

Be agile and nimble — At RFPIO, our product and team are constantly evolving. Our simple formula is to be agile and nimble. We’re not afraid to try something new or pivot when we see a better solution.

Give back time — Efficiency is central to the RFPIO spirit because it creates time to get back to the things that really matter. At RFPIO, everyone has time to spend on family, growth, new hobbies, and self-care.

See something, say something — We have a simple saying: you see something, you say something. At RFPIO, we celebrate the critical eye and the fresh opinion. Here, your input will matter.

Don’t mess with customers — When you join the RFPIO team, you’ll be working alongside some of the world’s best brands and will play an integral role in mapping RFPIO’s future development. Because when our customers have a suggestion, we listen.

The Technological Standpoint

Technology has proven to be a boon for businesses worldwide. Angela states that instead of spending time looking for internal information and tracking down colleagues, access all the information you need in just a few clicks.

With RFPIO, team members can access the latest and greatest company content from where you’re already working. And when they can’t find the answer or need review or approval, our built-in workflows make requesting subject matter expertise effortless. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can also assist with features like auto-response to streamline the workflow.

Anticipated Shifts

The technology stacks are getting more complicated, and data is becoming more and more siloed; Angela believes that full functional support is critical. She is excited about the roadmap and RFPIO’s ability to continue to improve more and more of what customer-facing teams need to create content, respond to opportunities, and meet prospect needs — driving real results.

Above and Beyond

Since the last quintessential years, Angela has seen a tremendous amount of change in the company. RFPIO is now focused on supporting the projected growth while protecting and prioritizing customer and employee satisfaction.

Passing the Torch

Angela bequeaths the advice she received, which was “You can’t give what you don’t have,” to upcoming women entrepreneurs. She mentions that it was the best advice she received and applied in many aspects. Time, energy, confidence, and peace all fall in this category and so much more. “Take care of yourself, and you’ll be better able to take care of your team,” Angela concludes.