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Amazon’s Top-selling Brand Headed to Shopping Malls

Amazon’s top-selling brand wants to expand In India with a new brand and retail kiosks to make a smart home.
A Chinese firm, Anker is known for selling gadgets like battery chargers and Bluetooth speakers through Amazon, recently took the wraps off Eufy, its new home-focused brand of electronics and smart devices. Launch products include a robot vacuum, humidifier, an LED desk lamp.
Anker announced that its flagship brand will be opening its own retail kiosks during company’s 5th-anniversary celebrations, with the first Anker Interactive Kiosk opening in next month at the Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara, CA.
“We want to bring Anker to every person in America, meet them face-­to-­face, let them experience Anker before making a purchase,” Anker vice president Arthur Gao said in a statement.
Like Anker, which initiated in 2011 as the house brand of a Chinese manufacturer, Eufy is dependent on its own engineers and partnerships with factories to create new products.
“All Eufy products are designed in-house, and we work together with manufacturers to produce them,” said Eufy spokesperson Jenna McLeskey. “The EufyLife app is completely designed and programmed by in-house software engineers.”
Mostly Amazon’s user reviewers appreciate Anker’s products and given high ratings, and one of its robot vacuums was awarded an Editors’ Choice by earlier this year.
According to McLeskey, Eufy will launch a suite of connected products that all work with a mobile app, including a digital body scale and smart lighting in the future. Those products should be available before the holiday shopping season, with more health-related products bowing next year.
The trade publication Internet Retailer analyzed Anker had revenue of over USD100 million in last year and in next year its founder has plans to take the company public.
At beginning, McLeskey says that Eufy products will be available on Amazon, but products may end up on Eufy’s own website and in Anker kiosks by next year