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Amazon Web Services to acquire

This year seems to be full of opportunities as there are number of acquisitions taking place at the same time as many big players in the business are looking to maintain their spot by investing in other companies to increase their reach. One of such acquisition deal that made our eyes go wide, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has decided to go ahead and acquire a cyber-security company This will boost up cloud security which they are provided to the customers. Soon they will come up with an official announcement, as both of them seem to be equally excited.
It has been said that Amazon Web Services has paid as much as $18 million for this deal, this deal came as an unexpected event with such a large investment. has been able to raise as much as $2.3 million from the start. It consists of almost 12 employees in their circle.
Established in San Diego, is cyber-security startup, it has started offering its services since 2015. They started as 405Labs, sometime later they replaced it with They are specialized in providing machine learning and the AI to survey the performance of a customer on the basis company’s infrastructure. With the help of these methods, there is a significant reduction in cyber-attacks. They provide a counter mechanism for even well-planned attacks while restricting access to important data.
Their patented product which is MACIE Analytics is used for artificial intelligence to get into a deep, thoughtful consideration of technology such as who is listed in and also what is being recorded in immediate time, it also provides vital information to identify any cyber-attacks taking place.
AWS will use these features from the and apply to their very own security-as-a-service segment. They can also use these services to complement its featured security verification and nursing tools.