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Alibaba Announces Cloud Services for Indian Enterprises

Alibaba Group is all set to take on Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in India’s growing cloud computing services space with the opening of its first data center in the country. The Alibaba Cloud Group is building in India as it squares up against the most dynamic markets for e-commerce.
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, announces that clients can start to sign up for services to be delivered in its new India data center, which is set to open in January 2018. Located in the city of Mumbai, this new data center will help meet the surging demand for cloud computing services. Among the fast-increasing number of Indian small and medium-sized businesses in the region, it will aid in meeting the demand of the clients. Alibaba’s businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, innovation initiatives and others. Through their subsidiary Cainiao Network and investee affiliate Koubei, it participates in the logistics and local services sectors.
Alibaba Cloud’s sturdy presence in Asia, especially Indian firms is aiming to tap neighboring markets to influence its service over its rivals. The company says it has availability in 33 zones across 16 economic centers globally, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and the Middle East. For the company servicing clients via the cloud, the closer the data centers to the customer, the faster and easier it is to serve them. For enterprises and application companies, this could mean lower latency at the customer end when using this service, making it important for them to sign up a cloud provider with a larger number of centers.
Alibaba may well become Microsoft’s third rival in the cloud business in India, unlike in the western markets where it has to battle Google and Amazon Web Services. Alibaba’s foray into the cloud business in India has caught Microsoft’s attention as that is an area where Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are all battling for supremacy. As the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group, Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow its business. Alibaba Cloud ranks as the third largest public cloud services provider globally and is the leading cloud provider in the China market.
An international network of 16 data centers manage all regions via a single global account and has been set up globally by Alibaba Cloud. As a Singapore registered company, Alibaba Cloud meets the terms with high-level international certifications to guarantee data security. All the records in data sorting technology, anti-DDoS protection, and processing of transactions per second have been broken by this cloud group.