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Alexander Kesler: Building Positive Aura around Businesses

Alexander Kesler, President & CEO, of inSegment, Inc. is a man of charismatic personality and far-sighted vision, who has left no stone unturned with his dedication to transform the way business solutions are delivered, by embedding technology into digital marketing.
Alexander’s ideology emphasizes on caring for the people he works with. He believes, work is neither ego driven, nor justified by revenue, but is all about working collaboratively to generate effective business ideas that take businesses to new heights.
A graduate of Babson College majoring in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and International Business,  with over 15 years of experience in successfully building companies, Alexander has led companies to attain success, performing various roles ranging from senior executive manager to an inspiring visionary leader. He adds value to the early-stage startups he advises, by integrating creative solutions and consensus building. As a digital marketer Alexander is adept both at negotiating skillfully, in solving technology licensing, and sales & service agreement transactions. He is master of quick study and is capable of synthesizing technology concepts into business value propositions, thus focusing on tactical execution towards strategic goals.
Conceptualization of Business with Ideas  
With the vibrant idea of driving clear and indisputable ROI for clients through rigorous tracking of results, in the year 1999 Alexander successfully created a security software product, thus redefining the way security software solutions are delivered.
inSegment came into existence while working on one of his previous ventures, zTrace Technologies, where Alexander laid down the building blocks of inSegment, with a combination of ingenious tactics and effective business ideas.
Alexander recalls a quote by Google’s former CEO Eric Schmidt, stating, “The characteristic of great innovators and great companies is they see a space that others do not.” Inspired by the quote, Alexander embarked on a mission to build a unique Leadership Development Program to find people who shared his vision of a business strategy and culture and teach them to execute it with him.
His pursuit of innovation has led him to embrace the idea of creating an environment for his employees in which the employees are well-equipped to achieve ultimate goals. Alexander is also committed to creating a highly-dynamic and productive organization that will constantly bring innovative solutions to the market.
Findings During the Journey 
Alexander says, “One of the most important lessons I learned was that errors will not terminate your business, if you are open to criticism.” While Alexander was on the path of becoming an entrepreneur, he faced many obstacles which appeared to be undefeatable and would have resulted in disastrous outcomes. However, with patience, perseverance, and experience, he learned how to not be defeated while building a business.
Evolution with the Evolving Time
Being ahead of time is Alexander’s forte. He was able to sense that technology is the future, so he took it as a challenge to reshape technological trends with digital marketing aspects. With technology evolving every day, Alexander’s journey transformed into a journey of constant revelation while advancing towards success.
inSegment: Modernizing the Digital Marketing Landscape
At inSegment, Alexander’s team is dedicated towards identifying the most critical challenges, performing extensive research, and designing an optimal program that resonates with the client industry and its goals. And it doesn’t stop there – they are always testing new technologies to implement improvements for their clients. They believe in collaboration with clients, which ensures that goals are understood. inSegment’s motto is to involve clients from program inception to performance review and the result is always a smarter & more effective solution that exceeds the original expectations.  
They are also constantly discovering, testing and implementing new technologies, platforms and growth-hacks to benefit their clients, by combining a data-driven approach to innovation and creativity, thus pushing themselves forward to new and forward-thinking solutions for each project.
Restructuring the Definition of Success
At inSegment, Alexander has started a trend of pushing oneself to go beyond the agreed expectations. He believes in never being contempt with the results achieved for clients, rather he emphasizes on going beyond the boundaries to render satisfaction to them.
Being a thought leader in his space, Alexander takes pride in having a winning team of professionals with years of experience.
Being an innovative leader, Alexander has always been curious to find out out new ideas and opportunities arising from the the development of Artificial Intelligence technologies. He sees AI as the logical advancement of life. Whereas many people say artificial intelligence could be humanity’s greatest disaster, causing disruption to our economy or developing a will of its own that contradicts ours, Alexander is confident human beings will be able to guide the development of AI in a positive and beneficial manner.
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