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Aiding Technology in the times of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Coronavirus has become a rising issue in the world and given latest events, this virus is here to stay. It has caused unnecessary panic and worldwide destruction. The virus which originated in Wuhan, China, has now become a global calamity. It has left thousands dead, millions all over the world impaled, economies have derailed, all supply lines have collapsed, factories have been shut down and cities are under lockdown. This has left humans really fragile and vulnerable. China being the worst hit, has now been mustering the courage by using all the technology and resources available at its disposal.
They have introduced various techniques so that they can detect who is safe and who is more prone to the virus.

  1. Colour Coding App
    China has joined hands with tech giants such as Alibaba to develop a colour coding system. This is an app that is being used widely in China as of now. This app designates everyone a colour from amongst the three available colours – green, yellow and red. People are assigned their colour based on their travel history, medical history and current health. Whether a person should be quarantined or should be allowed to go out in public is decided by this app. It has been made mandatory for all the people of China to log into this app and update it.
  2. Robots as housekeeping
    Due to the vast transmissibility of the virus, numerous hospitals have introduced the use of robots to help out with daily chores. They have been used for supplying medicines and other medical equipment. They have been used as waiters to serve food, spraying disinfectants, fetching food items and dispensing hand sanitizers. Various hospitals have been using these robots for conducting thermal imaging and transporting medical items.
  3. Drones for transportation
    There are several severely affected areas and unsafe to humans, this is when drones have come to the rescue. They have been useful in transporting medical equipment and patient samples to and from the laboratory. This has proved to be an effective method for prevention of any contamination and has also boosted delivery speed. They also have been broadcasting important messages to the general public. These drones are powered by facial recognition and the controllers do not need to step outside their home.
  4. Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a very pivotal role in healthcare during these times of the COVID-19. Medical health professionals rely on information about diseases so as to be able to devour a cure for the same. Predicting algorithms and denaturing the composition of the DNA and RNA are some of the important tools the doctors require. COVID-19 has a single stranded RNA and hence his the potential to rapidly mutate. Similar tools, such as the BAIDU has been used at Chinese Railway stations to detect people who are infected and this device can detect up to 200 people in one minute.
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