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The do’s and don’t’s of video conferencing

Given today’s circumstances, it does not come as a surprise that video calling is the new fad. All the companies have gone digital and that means all the meetings and conferences have gone virtual too. Everyone is used to the office environment and sometimes getting used to the online world maybe a little difficult. Especially when the whole team is working remotely.
So here are a few do’s and don’t’s of a video conference.
1. Setting up your personal space
Always manage to find a personal space where you could communicate effectively. If you live with roommates or family members, let them know beforehand that you would be attending a video conference so that they maintain decorum. Set up your camera at appropriate distance so that your face is visible and also well lit.
2. Check your appearance.
Wearing hoodies and sweatshirts at home is a normal practice but it may be very unprofessional for a meeting. Therefore always adhere to the dress code in your office and dress accordingly. This is essential as it creates a good virtual impression.
3. Testing your equipment
It is always a good idea to test your call before having the actual conference. It may so happens that you haven’t used the app since a very long time and aren’t accustomed to the various applications it comes with. Also ensure that you have a strong WiFi connection so that the call could flow in without any dificulties.