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Adam Rizika: VidScale Builds Lasting Partnerships among Service and Content Providers

Adam Rizika, Chief Operating Officer of VidScale, has over 8 years of experience in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) market. Adam previously served as VP Sales at CDN provider Blackwave, which was acquired by Juniper Networks.
Life Experience Inspires a New Way To Deliver Content
A few years back, Adam was celebrating his wedding anniversary, and tried to share the experience virtually with friends and family around the world. The live stream was an unmitigated disaster due to poor, unpredictable internet quality. Adam looked into the root causes, and learned that most Global CDNs prioritize cost-savings over delivery performance. These perverse priorities had ruined his ability to share this precious life moment, and there were no alternatives. Adam’s frustration led to inspiration. VidScale was conceived and built on the principle of making these bad streaming experiences a thing of the past.
VidScale: A Company that puts Quality of Experience (QoE) First
The internet is about to grow like never before, adding 25 billion new devices in the next 4 years. Robots are becoming a commonplace technology in our lives, whether they be automatic driving vehicles, drones, or remote surgery bots. All of these new devices and technologies push the network to its limit, and require an extreme level of low-latency control and highly efficient data delivery. It is the perfect time for the emergence of new type of content delivery platform.
VidScale has built this new kind CDN, one which places quality above all else. VidScale delivers better performance for two reasons: one economic, one technology-based. First, VidScale makes service providers a part of the economic upside of operating and investing in a CDN. That’s the economic part. As a result of this participation, service providers embed VidScale deeply into their privileged access networks, enabling a higher level of performance and a richer feature set – the technology part.  VidScale opens up thousands of service provider networks and their exclusive capabilities to the content providers of the world, on a single, unified platform.
Quality First, Today and Tomorrow
QoE isn’t a priority for many CDN providers, but for VidScale it’s their raison d’être. “This isn’t just fluff, it’s baked into how we chose to design our platform,” says Adam. Adam and his team know that doing the hard work of integrating into hundreds of operator access networks worldwide and sharing in the financial upside is the only way to deliver the best end-user experience. Today, it’s not uncommon for CDN providers to have an antagonistic relationship with service providers in their constant quest for cost savings. Adam thinks that building goodwill through shared benefit is the fastest path to achieving untouchable quality.
Whether it’s TV, movies, gaming, live events, social networks, Ultra High Definition High Dynamic Range video, augmented or virtual reality, VidScale’s focus is moving bits around the globe and consistently delivering the best-possible end-user experience.
Path to Market: Service Provider Trust
VidScale is a small company entering a market rife with bad blood among CDN and service providers. Opening up operator access networks is predicated on trust. Adam asserts, “We are working with Ericsson, a company that holds the distinction of one of the most-trusted service provider partners, to develop this trust and make VidScale’s platform a success.”
While content ingest happens all around the globe, VidScale is initially focused on the Asian and Pacific service provider markets. Growth beyond APAC will happen soon, says Adam.
Going Deeper for Better Performance
Today, VidScale is focused on APAC service providers, with imminent geographical expansion. Over time, VidScale will work with service providers to offer more of their core network services to content providers worldwide. As new technologies emerge, like live UHD HDR video, augmented and virtual reality, VidScale will work with technology providers to create the best-possible quality of experience for these applications.
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