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A.Y. Technologies: Garnering Efficiency through Simplicity and Clarity

Leading a simple life means constantly being in touch with our core elements. Similarly, when a project is being approached with certain notions, protocols and standards, there is a high probability that it would get complicated with corresponding impulsive tweaks. In essence, simplicity aids efficiency, harbors close to the core essentials and hence, makes prolongation and resurgence a hassle-free deal.
Bearing this conscience in each of its projects, A.Y. Technologies has become one of the most favored software solution providers in the industry. They have helped conceptualize and consummate various software projects by assisting the developers in simplifying every concept, systematically structuring the process to get a clearer insight and consequently reducing the risk factor of the project.
Developing Apps with a Clear Sense of Expression and Purpose
A.Y. Technologies has a unique approach to software development that involves a mixture of lean software development and agile processes. They build mobile apps and custom web applications for their clients while helping them with the architecture and development of a scalable backend for their applications on the cloud.
A.Y. Technologies has earned quite a repute across the globe with its expertise in the field of mobile app development, custom web application development and scalable backend & API development.
They have also tasted success with their exclusive product for the restaurant industry. The app was primarily developed with the ‘Quick Service Restaurants’ in mind, considering the booming popularity of cafes and pizza shops. It’s a SaaS based mobile app platform for building custom apps for each restaurant. The prime purpose of the app is to help the clients establish their branding, while reducing the labor costs by providing their clients’ customers with more convenience without the expenses of building a completely customized mobile app.
Another point that comes to the fore is that A.Y. Technologies showcases the same level of vigor while collaborating with a tech startup as it shows with a wellestablished or growing business enterprise.
A big portion of software development failures could be prevented by properly planning at the initial stage itself. A.Y. Technologies has consistently proved that many of the superfluous inefficiencies and surprises could be reduced if decisions are made with a better understanding of the software development process and their impact on the project. This forms the very motto of their workshop called, “The Roadmap Workshop,” where it stands by the top executives of a project and helps them to make better decisions. Through this workshop, A. Y. Technologies aims to create efficient and maintainable software that would also be inexpensive to run and maintain.
Enforcing the Right Approach for an Efficient and Maintainable Software
Google Cloud is a platform that has a huge potential to scale software systems. This is the main reason behind A.Y. Technologies’ preferred partnership with Google. This partnership has enabled A.Y. Technologies’ customers with better cloud infrastructure options and Google’s customers with an erudite mobile app and web app solution provider. Obviously, sky is the limit for systems that are built with A.Y. Technologies’ deep knowledge of software architecture and Google’s Infrastructure.
A.Y. Technologies organizes regional Google Cloud Platform Meetups where the focus is on creating a community around Google Cloud services in Vancouver. These meetups are arranged on a monthly basis and this community literally acts as a mentor to all those who are involved with Google Cloud Platform.
An Entrepreneur with the Heart of a Mentor
As the Director of Technology at A.Y. Technologies, Amin Yazdani shoulders quite a few responsibilities apart from taking decisions on high level software architecture and design. He invests a fair amount of time in mentoring his team and the entrepreneurs outside his team. Being the Founder of the company, he doesn’t shy away from going through every line of code that his team writes. He is deeply involved with the Roadmap workshop and makes sure that his clients get the best value that they ask for.
Amin came to Simon Fraser University in Canada to complete his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and later on started working for a local tech startup. After gaining some valuable experiences, he attained his lifelong dream of running his own company. However, initially, when he started A.Y. Technologies by himself, the biggest obstacle that he came across was finding the right talent. Amin spent the next two years looking for the talent that not only fit with their culture, but also with the right level of knowledge and expertise. As a proud Director, Amin happily flaunts the talent and skills of his employees and is constantly in search of more like-minded people to work with
Building the Future with a Deft Feature
It goes beyond doubt that to stay relevant in this fast-paced technology driven industry, every organization needs to be adroit and should adapt to the new technologies that would boost the overall efficiency. A.Y. Technologies will continue to evolve and adopt new knowledge to continue its journey in making software development uncomplicated and subsequently improve their client’s chances of success.
Amin plans to expand their mobile app to other industries such as Full Service Restaurants and expand their footprint in the market. Amin and his team will continue to focus on new technologies for better and more efficient ways of building software, and at the same time, pledge to keep the level of their customer service and support as high as possible.

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