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5 Ways Online Casinos Get You to Spend More Money

The majority of people who have ever gambled in a casino have, at the very least, a passing familiarity with the strategies that casinos use to encourage customers to wager as much cash as possible.

It is good knowledge that casinos do not display any clocks, which means that it may be whatever time of the night. Additionally, many casinos give gamblers access to free drinks and food to encourage them to remain within the establishment. Drinking alcohol decreases one’s inhibitions, which increases the likelihood that one will continue to gamble despite the potential loss of their money.

Certain gaming colors are employed to build the traditional aesthetic. Some examples of these colors include red, gold, and royal blue, which can be found in carpets, walls, and other casino trimmings.

However, unlike their land-based counterparts, online casinos face a slightly different challenge in that it can be more difficult to keep a person’s attention when there are so many other things to do online. Instead, internet casinos stick to tried-and-true methods, adapting them to work in their unique environment.

Brick and Mortar Casino Sounds

Before talking about some of the top online casinos picked by experts, we first need to mention brick-and-mortar casinos, which were essentially the founding fathers of the notion of online casinos.

If you’ve ever been to a real-life casino, you’re probably already familiar with the classic slot machine sounds that are only found in real-life casinos. If you are a slot machine enthusiast, you are aware of how satisfying the sounds of whirling reels clicking as they spin can be. These sounds include the sound of coins “pinging” as they spin. Despite this, the makers of online slot games continue to include the previously mentioned sound effects in their creations.

Immersive Sound Designs of Online Casinos

Operators make every effort to recreate the atmosphere as accurately as possible through the use of sound design. Players are given the impression that they are gaming at a brick-and-mortar casino through the use of games like online slots that have been painstakingly developed.

These sounds are used by online slot machines to keep you in a happy mood as you play. Slot machine sounds keep you immersed in the activity, which makes it less likely that you will get up and walk away from the machine after a run of bad luck.

When it comes to randomly encountering a win, online casinos typically pay a lot of attention to detail. It makes no difference whether you win a lot of money or just a few pennies; regardless of how much money you win, online slot machines will still play joyful music, deceiving your brain into thinking you have won a significant amount of money.

Increasing your joy at the win keeps you hooked for a longer period of time. Sounds play a crucial role in the way that online casinos do this.

Flashing Lights and Animations Complement The Sound Of Slots:

People continue to play online slot machines even when there are lights on, just as they do when there are noises. The appearance of colors flashing in rapid succession gives the impression that a player has won, though this is not always the case.

Losses camouflaged as wins, more generally referred to as “LDWs” (losses disguised as wins) in the gaming industry, are one of the primary methods that operators utilize to persuade clients to spend additional cash.

In theory, customers have a greater chance of being the winner every time they hit a button to spin the reels on an online slot machine because of the growing number of paylines that are available on these games. However, even though there is the possibility of greater wins in terms of quantity, this does not necessarily translate to more wins in terms of income. Once more, the slot machines offered by online casinos are modeled after those that can be found in traditional casinos.

These locations have a cacophony of noise, a flurry of flashing lights, and a ton of activity, all of which contribute to the sensation of excitement. So even though things cannot be the same at an online casino, which must compete for the player’s attention simply by using a screen, operators who run websites on the internet use the same concepts.

The winners are displayed on the screen in a flash to motivate players to spin the reels as quickly as they can. The use of elements such as lights, noises, and colors can improve a customer’s visual experience at an online casino, increasing the likelihood that the customer will return to the casino in the future.

New online casino slot machines are frequently inspired by well-known films, television shows, or even video games; as a result, the soundtrack and overall aesthetic are painstakingly designed to evoke players’ favorite fictional characters.

Creating A ‘trance” Via Sound and Color

Studies on how casinos influence patrons to spend more money have been conducted on how sounds and colors might induce a “trance.” According to one such study from the University of British Columbia, the lights and sounds effects used in slot machines can induce a state of hypnosis in players.

According to Luke Clark, the study’s lead author, when seasoned slot machine players played, they not only seemed as though they were losing sight of time and their settings. However, they frequently missed the shapes around the machine’s edges.

The researchers asserted in their study, which was released in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, that numerous slot machine designs are possible. They claimed that because of how these slots operate, problem gamblers are more likely to choose them.

Online casinos have often had to strike a delicate balance. In addition to making money, they must safeguard those who might be experiencing gaming addiction issues. A workable compromise might involve altering the structure of slot machines that are currently playable.


It should not come as a surprise that casinos strive to create an atmosphere that is as favorable as possible to the occurrence of the desired outcome. Naturally, once you start having a good time, it becomes much simpler to place bet after bet. This is how the casino will “sponge off” the players and come out ahead more frequently than they do.

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