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5 Tips to Convert & Download YouTube Videos for Free

YouTube has become the most popular video streaming platform worldwide. Many people even think that, with just one keyword, one click on YouTube, they can find a solution to any problem they face. Or if you don’t have any questions, you can still enjoy YouTube with unlimited content it offers, not only for entertainment but also for learning, self-care, skincare, tips and tricks, etc.
However, the minus point of YouTube is that they do not allow users to download videos from their platform unless the video has a download button, making it difficult for many people to watch their favourite video multiple times on their local devices, especially for those who do not have stable internet access to YouTube everywhere. As a matter of course, many people will want to find a converter to convert, download and store their favourite videos, and as such, the demand for YouTube Mp4 Converter Online will increase. To solve this problem, read the article below to see what to keep in mind when choosing a YouTube converter.
1. Online converter tools instead of installing software
When it comes to converting YouTube videos, there are many options for users to consider, including online tools and offline software. Each will have its pros and cons. However, we highly recommend using online converters for those who do not need to convert YouTube videos to complex formats because they are convenient, light, and do not consume computer memory or harmful viruses.
In addition, the operation of using online converters is usually quite simple and does not require you to have technical knowledge. For example, with freedownloadhq, all Internet users with basic knowledge of copy-paste can easily use it. All you need to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download, paste it into the search box on the website, select the format you wish to, click the Convert/Download Button, and wait for a few minutes. And so, you can get the video you want with just a few clicks.
After converting the video, you can exit the website, continue working, and return to use it whenever you need, without downloading any heavy-duty and memory-consuming software.
2. Tools that don’t require login
A problem that many people worry about now is personal information disclosure and data theft when logging in to strange websites. This situation has become alarming as more and more pirated websites spring up. Therefore, before logging in to any platform, you should carefully consider whether it is legit, reliable to avoid theft of personal information.
Or the second way, you can choose websites that do not require a login and stay anonymous during use. And usually, if you don’t need to store the downloaded video URLs, there’s no need to save the information on online converter tools. And the perfect choice for you is freedownloadhq – the leading YouTube to MP4 converter today with completely secure and anonymous usage.
You do not need to log in or use any account when using the services here. And if you want to register an account for convenient storage of downloaded videos, you can also be assured entirely of security when freedownloadhq uses secured SSL encryption to preserve the security of your data. That means all data shared by users with freedownloadhq cannot be read by any third party.
3. Ads-free tools
Although advertising is a big part of the profits of free websites, no one wants to be bothered by too many pop-up ads while using the website. Therefore, the perfect choice would be free but ad-free platforms like freedownloadhq.
Freedownloadhq respects user experience by providing many outstanding features and says no to all kinds of pop-up ads, ensuring every user can download and convert videos for free without being distracted by any annoying ads. In addition, as mentioned above, users do not need to register an account at freedownloadhq, so they do not need to pay any hidden costs to use the service here.
4. Tools that support various formats and offers unlimited conversion and downloading
Using tools that allow unlimited download and convert videos and support for many video formats will save users time. With just a few clicks, you can own your desired video treasure in many different formats instead of having to visit many websites because each website supports a different format or limits the number of videos to download.
freedownloadhq supports many formats besides MP4 like MOV, 3GP, OGG, FLAC, WMV, MP2, ACC, WMA, FLV, and AVI. freedownloadhq also allows users to create GIF videos from the given YouTube videos.
In addition, with each visit, users can convert and download unlimited videos, giving them hassle-free access to all their desired videos.
5. Tools to download high-resolution videos
An issue that concerns many users is whether the converted and downloaded videos can keep the high resolution for editing use. The answer is possible if you choose the right tool.
Many tools allow users to convert and download videos with high resolution, even full HD, like freedownloadhq. freedownloadhq offers 15 media sizes and seven video resolutions for you to choose from; depending on the purpose of use, you can select the right option.
Currently, there are many YouTube Mp4 Converter Online on the market with many different features. However, along with that is the danger lurking from pirated websites with the risk of information theft or virus infection, so users need to be careful and follow the instructions in the article to find the right tool: suitable, reputable, timesaving but still keep the desired quality. However, keep in mind that it is illegal to download videos on YouTube and use them for commercial purposes without permission, so always seek consent from creators and clearly state your intentions before downloading and using videos to avoid copyright problems.

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