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5 Genius Ways to Break Into The Sports Supplement Industry

Gym lovers frequently launch their own businesses in the fitness sector. It makes sense because it will never feel like work, but the competition is deadly. What did you expect when supplements generate over 100 billion dollars per year?
If you’re clever, you can get a small piece of the pie, which might be worth millions. Just come up with a genius way to break into the industry through the back door. Here are a few tactics that will help you succeed.
1. Focus on Cool Flavors
It’s not a good idea to concentrate on strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla flavors if you’re selling protein powder. I bet you’d even have trouble selling watermelon powder. Find custom flavor solutions that aren’t on the market right now.
Coconut and blueberry might taste delicious when you combine them. At least you’d have a unique selling point when you buy ads. If you can persuade someone to try your product because of the flavour, you may have a long-term consumer.
2. Make Sure It Mixes Well
Companies usually cut corners with mass-produced products. It’s easy to get greedy if you realize small changes could save you millions of dollars. Small startups have the luxury of spending time focusing on the finer details.
For example, lots of mass-produced powders don’t mix well. Nobody likes to see lumps in their shakes no matter how much money they’re paying. If you offered a product that mixes perfectly some people would be willing to pay.
3. Include Fewer Ingredients
Customers spend money on sports supplements for health reasons. When people see a hundred ingredients on fast-food pizzas, they’re probably repulsed. Oils, acids, cultures, and enzymes don’t sound very appealing.
A protein bar with four basic ingredients would sell like hotcakes. You don’t want your nutrition label to look like it’s been kicked through a chemistry lab. You might be able to get an advantage over your competitors by using fewer components.
4. Package Stuff Differently
In the past, if you wanted to drink coconut water you had to buy a coconut. Once everyone started calling coconut a superfood, it was turned into a bottled drink. It’s now a billion-dollar industry popular with fitness fanatics.
GT Dave started selling kombucha in attractive packaging and turned it into a billion-dollar business. He was the first person to sell the health drink in bottles, but kombucha has been around since before the Roman Empire.
5. Jumping On Popular Trends
Veganism has become a lot more popular over the years, which has increased the number of vegan products. You’ll see products like bone broth on shelves because so many people follow the paleo diet.
It’s a good idea to jump on trends when you see them skyrocketing. Try to release a product before anyone else. You just need to make sure there are enough potential customers to make a good amount of money.

Get Creative and Work Hard
It might feel like the supplement industry is too difficult to break into, but all it takes is a little creativity and hard work.
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