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5 Fleet Management Softwares Disrupting the Tech Market

The process of managing fleets of business vehicles has been significantly enhanced thanks to the availability of software that is dedicated to streamlining and automating many key aspects.Fleet Management Softwares

As this market is highly competitive, there are a number of different software options available, some of which are more innovative than others.
Here is a look at the top disruptors in this space, and the features they bring to the table that are so game-changing.


Combining the best of fleet software functionality with a more holistic platform that encompasses everything from driver safety to compliance and beyond, Samsara promises to cut costs for companies with a large number of vehicles to wrangle.
The use of cellular devices and dash cameras means that fleets can be tracked and monitored at all times, which has benefits for everything from route adjustments to maintenance diagnostics. This means that drivers and cargo alike can get to their destinations more quickly, efficiently and safely.

Whip Around

If your main aim is to ensure that the fleet is well maintained and that any unexpected downtime is kept to a minimum, then Whip Around could be the platform for you.
Its focus is on ensuring that inspections are carried out thoroughly, that the information gleaned from them is actionable and that maintenance is completed to keep vehicles in tip top condition.
Like all of the best software solutions, Whip Around aims to simplify all of the processes that it manages, removing complex paperwork from the equation and overcoming the likelihood for human error to be a complicating factor.


As the name suggests, this software solution is all about planning and plotting routes in a way that improves productivity, reduces fuel costs and can cope with real world issues which are likely to crop up in the course of the average day.
Automation is the biggest selling point here, and it is straightforward to import orders and use these to automatically organize routes that drivers can follow on the fly, maximizing their effectiveness when out in the field. Likewise it is possible to keep customers in the loop with automated messages sent out to help them track orders while they are on the move and let them know when to expect a delivery to arrive.

WorkWave Route Manager

Many of the features found in WorkWave’s Route Manager are similar to those offered by rivals, but it could be argued that this platform is particularly appealing from a UI design perspective, with logically laid out interface elements and are more accessible overall user experience.
Another of its assets is the in-depth analytics capabilities that it brings to the table, allowing you to drill down into the data and determine just how well your business is performing based on stats gleaned from the operations of your fleet. These insights will let you make changes and move towards your goals without having to rely on guesswork or instinct.


While some fleet management software packages are designed for planning the movement of goods and the management of vehicles up and down entire supply chains, the focus of Onfleet is on last mile delivery, meaning that it is perfectly pitched for use in industries like e-commerce and hospitality.
From fast food and grocery deliveries to courier services and pharmaceutical shipments, this software puts customer service at the top of the agenda, and is able to allow for incredibly accurate estimated arrival times that avoid the usual problems that can sour the experience.
Each of these services is disruptive in its own way, so it is important to compare your options and consider your own needs before committing.