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3 Reasons Why You May Need To Contact A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to claim worker’s compensation for an injury, accident, or illness as a result of your work environment or task, you may be considering handling it on your own. However, this discussion is going to explore why it may be more beneficial for your case, long-term finances, and sanity to consult the professionals in this regard. Worker’s compensation cases can become sticky, especially if there are more complicated elements to your case. This can be made even more challenging through specific by-laws and loopholes that your employer and/or insurer may try to use to get out of paying what is owed. Worker’s compensation lawyers like Charles Kania have experience and skills in this field, and thus they understand exactly what is necessary to best prove you are entitled to a claim. Plus, being represented by a worker’s compensation legal firm will also likely increase your chances of being awarded a larger payout.

The entire process of becoming injured or ill from work is traumatic in itself, not to mention the lasting consequences that can result. These can be far-reaching such as limited ability to earn in the future, income lost due to time missed from work, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and equipment, not to mention the need for psychological support, and the list goes on. That’s why, it is advisable to enter this already complicated and emotional process alongside a team of experts who will be able to guide and support you towards a common goal, which is winning your case. Let us look at the 3 reasons why you should consider hiring a worker’s compensation lawyer to assist you with your claim.

Why Not Do A Free Consultation?

A good place to start is reaching out to a worker’s compensation for a free consultation. You can visit sites of the possible worker’s compensation lawyers in your area and you will see that this is a widely available complimentary service across firms. Through a telephonic check-in, they will be able to advise you on your case specifics, a suggested plan of action, as well as any red flags to be aware of, as these cases can become tricky. Sometimes even if your case seems clear-cut, you will still need to consult a lawyer to aid with the finer details of the law and increase your chances of accessing a payout. You have nothing to lose by doing a free telephonic conversation with a worker’s compensation lawyer, and if anything you could walk away with peace of mind, if not with a plan of action.

One of the reasons people try to handle their worker’s compensation without the help of a lawyer is to try and save money. However, in the long run, you will be spending a bit now, or maybe nothing at all if your fees are not required upfront, but your financial gains could be far greater than tackling it alone, and possibly being denied your claim. Not to mention the headache that can come with navigating bureaucracy! Leave it to the experts. They’re experts for a reason. If you still want to manage your case alone, make sure yours is a simple one, your employer acknowledges responsibility, you did not have any pre-existing conditions and you did not need to miss much time from work. If not, there is a high likelihood that your case can become complicated quickly, making accessing your claim payout much tougher. In the following scenarios, it is strongly advised to seek legal counsel:

1.   If Your Case Is Complicated

You may think your case is straightforward, however, the professionals that have worked for many years in this industry might tell you otherwise. This is because it is in the insurance industry’s interest to reject and/or resist paying out, therefore if there is any ‘small’ technicality that could overthrow your case, it might be used against you.  Unfortunately, worker’s compensation cases can often be outright rejected. This is because it is thought that claimants won’t go to the trouble of appealing. What’s more is that a lawyer will help to get you the best settlement possible for your case and situation, and prevent you from being paid out less than what you deserve to just settle your dispute.

2.   The Severity Of Your Injury

If you suffered a work injury or accident that has resulted in significant impairment and/or disability, the impact on your livelihood and ability to earn in the future might be affected. In these types of cases, insurance providers are going to be extra stringent in trying to prevent you from accessing funds. This is because it will cost them a lot of money to compensate you for the income you are missing out on. In these scenarios, you will need to prove the extent of the injury on your ability to function, work and live, as well as how this is currently and going to continue costing you going forward. As you can probably see, it is certainly more beneficial to have the assistance of legal pros when dealing with a case of this nature

3.   Things Are Getting Nasty

If you have experienced any discrimination from your employer such as having your pay cut, benefits removed, hours reduced, demotion, your claim outright denied, or any other mistreatment, then you are likely up against a bit of a struggle in accessing your payout. In these scenarios, you can tell that hiring a worker’s compensation with experience in this industry will be of great help.
Do A Free Consultation

Finding yourself in a situation where you need to claim from worker’s compensation insurance is not exactly a pleasant experience. However, this experience can be made a lot less painful with the right team. Depending on your case type, the complexity, severity, and nature of things, you will likely be far better off working alongside a worker’s compensation lawyer. These guys know how to prove negligence where negligence has occurred. They’ll be able to help you through a time that might feel completely foreign and make you want to give up. Going this route will increase the chances of your claim being accepted and you receive a payout that is more worthy of the loss you’ve experienced.

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