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10 Strategies To Grow NFT Twitter Account

Social media platforms like Instagram have been the hot spot for NFT promoters. Now there is a new hype about Twitter Blue that also works in boosting your NFT community. If you have a Twitter account, now is your time to discover how to grow an NFT Twitter account.

Twitter as a marketing tool has been gaining popularity as it can generate possible prospects and accumulate customers for your business. In addition, the Twitter NFT account helps connect your crypto wallet and exhibit your prized assets to various communities.

Those who have ongoing NFT projects in hand will love the serviceability of twitter NFT accounts. It will drastically improve the visibility of their possessions, grow a larger audience, get into interactions and solidify their presence throughout the internet. 

In this article, we will discuss 10 strategies to grow the NFT Twitter account. Don’t miss out on valuable tips and tricks. Keep on reading. 

What Makes Twitter Excellent for Promoting NFT Projects

When it comes to social media platforms, what comes to your mind? Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will be leading the line for sure. Twitter reportedly peaked at more than 237.8 monetizable daily active users in the latter half of 2022, and the number keeps growing.

It is one of the most popular go-to social media platforms around the world, with huge engagement. With its newest inclusion of blockchain involvement, this is certainly a viable platform for promoting NFT projects.

The use of hashtags on Twitter usually spreads like wildfire, and it allows the creator to reach more users who are seeking new projects. Through twitter’s NFT profile, you can communicate with other NFT groups similar to yours. If fortune favors you, you can lure new NFT followers in no time.

Why Grow an NFT Twitter Account

The more your NFT Twitter Account grows, the better your business profile gets. It’s very simple. You would want to gain followers and interact with possible buyers for your selling items, right?

You never know when the tides can change. The increasing presence of your Twitter NFT account will help you gain popularity and prosperity through interaction with varying communities.

10 Strategies for Growing NFT Twitter Account

We are not talking about the good and bad of regular Twitter accounts in this article; rather, we are highlighting something different, the ‘NFT Twitter account. This is for those who want to promote their NFT projects and broaden their marketing horizon.

To enjoy all the premium benefits and possibilities, you will need to subscribe to Twitter Blue. Once you enroll and select your verified NFT profile picture, you must follow the strategies mentioned below to expand your establishment.

1. Use Relevant Hashtags

You are probably familiar with the word ‘hashtag.’ These are used to intertwine contents to a particular theme or topic. Chris Messina started the hashtag trend, and since then, it has been the most useful way to engage with people.

A tweet with relevant hashtags will generate more crowd, and there is no denying it. Adding hashtags to your post is like taking part in SEO. The hashtags make you more visible to the public than without them.

When you tweet, always add hashtags to it. Try to be as relevant as possible with the tags. Here are some relevant NFT hashtags to improve your visibility:

  • #nfts #nftart #nftcollector #crypto #nftartist #nftcommunity #nftartwork

2. Engage with Other Users

For the success of your NFT profile, you cannot just sit around and keep tweeting on your own. It’s wise to expand your horizon by interacting with other like-minded NFT users and trade along.

Scour the potential NFT accounts, and if you see anyone with an NFT profile picture, you can enter their profile to view information like token id, blockchain, contact address, rare traits, NFT collections, etc.

A good way to make a move is to re-tweet their posts, make comments on their tweets, and like the content. These steps can be the ladder that can help you make real connections.   

3. Use Images and Videos

One of the most organic ways to target and interact with other NFT communities is to use multimedia promotion. Using images and videos can take your simple tweet a long way. Try to be creative with the content you post; only then can you expect others to re-share your tweets or comments.

4. Host or Participate in NFT Twitter Chats

Participating or hosting chats in NFT spaces will make you active within the running communities. In addition, your comments and new threads might bring up interesting NFT projects and even promote your sales.

You can do this by either accepting someone’s invitation or by creating your discussion panel within the NFT space. The main goal is to boost interactions and participate in asking questions and giving answers.

This will help you to know more about other NFT users and their desires. This gives you the possibility to exhibit your NFT artworks to a bigger audience. 

5. Tweet Engaging Posts

The more you tweet and have relevant tags on them, the better the chances of getting people’s eyes on you. Rather than being monotonous, be creative with the posts. Try to put up engaging posts for the world to see. You never know; someone might end up commenting, re-tweeting, and even wanting to collaborate with you.

6. Collaborate with Other NFT Twitter Accounts

Imagine if you can stir up the market positively on your own; what can happen if you collaborate with other influential NFT accounts? See, the horizon is limitless. You can collaborate with others with your NFT collections.

Promote your collections in a way that buyers and potential NFT Twitter accounts would want to collaborate with you. This is the reason our previous statement on tweeting engaging posts was so important.

As you interact with other accounts, try to find some common ground with each other. Try to share knowledge and ask for collaboration to boost each other’s work.

However, it is important to do your research and find NFT projects that have similar audiences as you. Reach out to them, appreciate them and ask for partnerships and possible promotions between one another.

7. Promote Your Tweets

Do you want to increase your social media reach? Apart from being active, you can use the promotion tools from Twitter to give life to your tweets and attract viewers. Keep in mind this function is not free. It’s like boosting your post on Facebook.

Similarly, you will have to go to the tweet activity tab on a particular tweet and locate the ‘Promote this tweet’ option. Click on it, then set the perimeter, target audience, and promotion runtime.

Now to promote your tweets naturally, you have to be on your toes. You can do this by scheduling future posts, making the posts engaging, and using hashtags. Interact with others by retweeting, replying, and liking their shares. Try to be social, build community and try out collaborations to reach new heights.

8. Share Your NFTs on Other Social Media Platforms

To make your digital collectibles reach new heights, you can share them on other social platforms. You are not restricted to Twitter only. To broaden your NFT community, you can post on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok.

Make sure your posts are interesting and eye-catching. Include hashtags on the posts no matter where you are sharing. Now, Instagram, Facebook, and youtube all support the hashtag feature.

9. Use Twitter Analytics to Track Your Growth and Engagement

It is always important to track your growth as you partake in NFT trade in social media. Twitter analytics can help you discover all the engagements, shares, reactions, and many other details.

With Twitter analytics, you will be able to decipher which posts are working and which are not. Moreover, you will learn how people engage with your post and where the loophole lies.

Analytics tools will help you be cautious and make changes to improve your future content.

10. Offer Giveaways or Contests

Another way to drive engagement toward your account is to offer contests and giveaways to the crowd. A contest can be used to promote products as well as bump up followers.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Start by planning the contest, the type of giveaway, the run time of the contest
  • Provide a contest guideline to the viewers. Make sure you also abide by the Twitter promotion rules before posting a contest to save yourself from potential spam
  • Promote your giveaway offer. You better repost the tweets and add hashtags. Mention giveaways to lure more crowd
  • Follow the deadline, pick a winner and offer the prize
  • Use analytics platforms like Hootsuite to track your progress and interaction with the audience

If your contest is successful, you will get a sufficient number of crowds following your NFT account. Soon you might want to post another giveaway to attract more. 

Get NFT Auto-Engagement Service from A Trusted Source

Apart from getting natural interactions from Twitter users, you would want to use an auto-engagement service to bulk up your Twitter NFT profile interactions.

Acquiring such services will ease your worries as the service provider will offer automatic likes, comments, and retweets. They will also promise a certain number of interactions per tweet.

Scour the internet for reliable sources that can offer auto engagement. Ask other users and double-check to justify the credibility of the source. You might want to look at Socialplug to understand how auto engagement works.

Our Recommendation: We believe there is no shortcut for boosting interactions. We prefer organic engagement rather than a few hundred or thousands being sourced from other companies.

And the best way to do it is to be creative, have engaging content, keep the hard work going, share, reshare, tweet, comment, interact and collaborate naturally. 

The Benefits of A Large NFT Twitter Following

Now that you know how to grow the NFT Twitter account, you might still wonder what all the new followers might offer. We have to say that there are numerous advantages of having a substantially big follower list. Here is why:

  • You can establish your business faster than you can think
  • Possibility of interacting with influencers
  • Get to know more NFT users
  • Get reach from a global audience
  • Build up a community
  • Collaborate and promote each other’s work

Why You Should Regularly Tweet about NFT

Twitter offers a 280-character tweet limit, which is extremely handy for NFT promoters and crypto influencers to step onto the plate and go for fast and concise statements.

Not just because of the handy useability of Twitter, it is also one of the most influential social media platforms, where millions of active users flock every second.

Regularly tweeting about your NFTs will improve your visibility and gain more interactions. And the chances of making sales and collaborating with other NFT users will skyrocket if you are active daily.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tweeting about NFT

If you belong to the NFT community, we would suggest you to

  • Be patient, engage with people using real and interesting content and build on your followers in a natural way
  • Try using relevant hashtags. Keep things simple and avoid overshooting the limit. 2 or 3 hashtags should be good for reach
  • Always be cautious and see if the person you are talking to is real or not
  • Provide short, informative posts to attract viewers
  • Use Analyzing tools to monitor the progress of your NFT tweets


  • Stay away from bot interactions. You would want natural engagement, to bots surfacing in your tweets won’t do any good
  • You might be tempted to use as many hashtags as you want, but there’s a chance of hitting irrelevant tags and attracting bots. We would suggest you not go over 3
  • Stay away from scams such as fake influencers or fake promotions. If you see someone with a huge number of followers, there could be something fishy, as they might use bots as their followers
  • Lengthy posts are most often overlooked. Stay away from hoarding the tweet with unnecessary words

How to Avoid Spamming Your NFT Twitter Followers

The best way to avoid spamming your NFT followers’ list is to mute potential suspects. You can do this by following the steps below.

1. Go to ‘Settings and Privacy.’

2. Scroll down to Privacy and Safety

3. Find the ‘Mute and Block’ option

4. Go to the sliders saying ‘who hasn’t confirmed email’ and ‘who hasn’t confirmed phone number.’ These two boxes should be turned on, as in ‘Green.’

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to add NFT to your Twitter profile?

Suppose you use Twitter Blue and tap the profile picture. Now choose NFT and click on the ‘Connect my Wallet’ option. Now from the list, pick your preferred wallet. After that, you will have to verify the wallet via your Twitter account.

Once done, you can choose the NFT from the gallery. After selecting the profile picture, resize it and tap done. That’s all!

2. What type of NFT sells the most?

Digital artwork is one of the most sought-after forms of NFT. Their popularity is second to none, and they’re among the most sold NFTs. Digital art NFTs are also amongst the most expensive ones out there. Check out the ‘Beeple Collection’ that was auctioned for a whopping 69 million. ‘The Merge’ racked up 91 million.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helped you understand that growing your NFT accounts on Twitter is necessary. If you deal with cryptographic assets over the internet, then it’s better to link them up with your social account. The interlinking can boost your engagements and NFT sales to a great extent.

We have elaborated numerous strategies on how to grow an NFT Twitter account just so that you can control your NFT items better. Twitter is an excellent platform for promoting NFTs and generating sales.

Slowly but steadily, you can reach the mountain top if you keep things simple. Provide engaging content and interact with other NFT account users in a friendly manner via comments, re-tweets, and likes. Ask for collaborations if possible and pave your way to success.

Be patient and avoid shortcuts such as purchasing followers. Good luck!