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Jim Carlson | CEO | Zurixx

Zurixx: Employing People with Expertise and Experience

In light of digital revolution, like many other sectors, traditional education is also being uprooted with new technologies and means of communication. Taking this into consideration, Zurixx is providing the highest level education in the areas of business growth and management, entrepreneurship, asset protection, real estate investing, and personal finances in a disruptive format.
In an interview with Insights Success, Jim Carlson, the CEO of Zurixx, shares his valuable insights on how the company is helping brands build their reputation, sales, and coaching.
Give a brief overview of the company, its solutions, and services.
Zurixx offers comprehensive and free educational events, three-day workshops, advanced training camps, summits, coaching, and mentorships in the areas of business growth and management, entrepreneurship, asset protection, real estate investing, and personal finances to its students. With over 600,000 students served since our inception, we continue to lead from the front in the world of disruptive education for all.
How do you diversify innovative product/solutions so that it will benefit your customers?
It is our purpose to create the best financial education programs in the industry. We build curricula tailored to our students’ needs; we handpick our instructors and train them to become experts in the field. For students who need personal advice for unique circumstances, we provide coaching and mentoring. Our experienced mentors help our students every step of the way to succeed and create win-win situations.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons that have shaped the journey of the company.
Zurixx was founded on the principle that traditional education no longer serves the masses. We wanted to meet people where they are, with the education and training they need, when they need it. By providing the highest level education in a disruptive format, we are reaching more students than we ever thought possible.
Since our inception, we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of thousands of dedicated students. Along the way, we’ve managed to pick up a few bragging rights. We have been recognized by Great Place to Work and the Salt Lake Tribune’s Top Workplaces every year since 2016. In 2018, we earned the #1 spot on the list of Top Company Cultures, and I [Jim Carlson] was recognized as CEO of the Year by Utah Business Magazine. In 2017, we were ranked #8 on the Deseret News’ list of Top Companies to Work for in Utah. In 2016, we were ranked as the #1 Fastest Growing Company in Utah by Utah Business Magazine and #43 on Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Companies. We were also ranked #20 on Fortune 100’s Best Workplaces list.
Where does Zurixx see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals?
Our long term plan and goals are centered around expanding the disruptive education we offer with relentless focus on quality.
What is the dynamic factor that makes Zurixx different from its competitors?
Many people have great ideas, but they don’t seize opportunities or take action. At Zurixx, we aren’t afraid to try new things. Because we asked ourselves, ‘Why not us?’ we took chances and now train entrepreneurs how to be successful business people.
“It’s because of this program that I’ve met the people I needed in my life to take me to a level I’ve visualized myself being at since I was a kid” – Amanda K.
“If you are an entrepreneur who is serious about scaling an idea that will make an impact, this is undeniably the program to help you attain your dream.” – Wesley J.
“With the team’s help and recommendations I have been really focused in my company’s growth. Last year our revenue was of $500k and this year we’re on track to make $1 million.”- Brian D.
About the Leader
Zurixx’s reputation, growth, and success is directly reflective of Jim Carlson’s leadership and the direction he initially set for the company back in 2012. The company’s mission is focused on three main points: be a highly-rated educational program that creates financial freedom for students and their families; create a corporate culture where people feel respected and are given the chance to succeed; give back time and money to create meaningful charity engagements. Jim is continually refocusing on these three pillars. Zurixx has had hundreds of thousands of students receiving training with above-average industry satisfaction ratings. Its students’ success stories and the positive impact they have had on their lives is the reason why Zurixx works hard as it does.
Jim’s respect for employees shines through in all of the third-party recognitions the company has received. In a 2019 survey conducted by Great Place to Work, 99% of its surveyed employees agreed that management has a clear view of where the organization is going and how to get there.
One of Jim’s biggest pride points is Zurixx’s emphasis on giving back. The company has donated millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours to local charities and community organizations such as underfunded youth sports programs, equine therapy groups for children with disabilities, sex trafficking prevention organizations, community libraries, cancer research foundations, and more.