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Zudy® : Revolutionizing Enterprise Software with No-Code

From global tech giants to small enterprises, every business wants robust, versatile systems to respond to customer and business needs. However, lengthy development cycles of traditional enterprise software simply cannot keep up with the pace and complexity of evolving modern requirements. The months and years of hard-coding needed to implement new modern systems means your developments become obsolete while still in the pipeline. An entirely different, reliable and agile software development platform was needed, and the answer came in the form of using no code at all. This revolutionary alternative is finding widespread appeal. A no-code system can fulfill business requirements without the need of cumbersome, traditional hard coding methods used widely today. It effectively makes robust enterprise application development possible with more of a fill in the blank and true or false method. Even a novice, with little to no coding knowledge, can learn to use it within a few days. For the tech industry, which has always been driven by software development teams, the rise of no-code has been a dream evolution, or has it?
One company making waves with its revolutionary app development platform is Zudy®. The ingenious vision of their No-Code platform, VINYL™, along with a dream team of solution architects at Zudy® create or transform enterprise solutions in days, not months or years. In fact, Zudy® has developed the world’s only no-code end-to-end Enterprise grade AppDev platform, VINYL™. The platform has gained widespread recognition in the business world. Zudy® has expanded to a new headquarters in Miami Beach, Florida and currently works with more than forty global companies- including Amazon, Stericycle, JCrew and the New England Patriots.
A Game Changer 
Zudy®’s VINYL™ platform has the ability to digitally transform any company with its game changing No- Code AppDev platform. It can mobilize and modernize any legacy system with seamless integration, with any data source in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. All applications built in VINYL™ are optimized for both mobile and web. The dynamically responsive design and easily configurable UI make for a pleasing, immersive and effortless user experience. All of this is achieved while removing high cost technology barriers and leveraging the existing systems of the client. The end-to-end platform is focused on providing guided agile development with powerful cross-platform-CRUD, automated workflows, built-in lifecycle management, and enterprise security. Even the largest most complex Enterprises can quickly and painlessly digitize every business processes with VINYL™.
 VINYL: Promising Potential 
Conventional software and app development teams take months to build one usable application. Zudy®’s solution gives enterprises the ability to build highly configurable ‘Enterprise Ready’ apps in weeks. These apps are designed to integrate seamlessly into all existing and future data sources and systems.  VINYL™’s architecture is the key to Zudy®’s flexible design and build environment. It consists of three main layers: Design, Business Logic and Data Access.

  • Design Layer: VINYL™’s design layer is extremely easy to use and offers completely customizable UI/UX. The presentation layer allows complete design control so enterprises can maintain their branding and specific look and feel without coding.
  • Business Logic Layer: VINYL™ automates business processes in minutes. This includes everything from simple to complex business logic, and user-defined workflows that support notifications via email and texts.
  • Data Access Layer: VINYL™’s patented universal translator allows all development to occur in a single environment across all data sources. VINYL™ can securely read and modify enterprise data without moving data from your enterprise systems.

VINYL™’s Lite Integration relates and displays data at the UI level in minutes without affecting source systems. It enables cross platform CRUD across multiple data sources at the same time. It also allows users to create beautiful yet powerful applications, and charts from multiple data sources, which facilitates complex analytics on the same screen without the need for a single line of code.
VINYL™ can be utilized by any enterprise in any industry, regardless of size or location. The platform has been used to build applications for hundreds of clients ranging from large media and telecommunications organizations to global pharma and biotech firms. Part of its appeal is that VINYL™-designed applications are easy to modify and maintain. This efficiency and versatility has resulted in unprecedented revenue within a year of Zudy®’s establishment. Zudy®’s Cofounder and COO, Trish Kennedy reveals that VINYL™ has been very well received in the market. She added that the company grew over 1000% from 2016 to 2017 with forecasts of another exponential growth year in 2018.  
A Perfect Pair 
Tom Kennedy, Co-Founder and CTO of Zudy® has over thirty years of experience building rapid application development platforms. From his role as Director of Application Development at TOM Software in the 1980s to Kennedy & Associates and then BackOffice Associates, Tom has architected and sold four commercially successful platforms over the last 30 years. The culmination of his work is now VINYL™, the most advanced Enterprise ready application development platform in the market today. Tom, after spending years solving the most complex Enterprise system issues has built a technology that incorporates his learning across hundreds of Global Enterprises. Tom built industry changing data migration and data governance solutions prior to envisioning VINYL™. His work with data quality and data governance led him to understand the need for Enterprises to more fully take advantage of the data that exists across their system landscapes, and of course available data sources outside the Enterprise that can enhance and bring powerful capability into an Enterprise.
“Tom has been a geek-at-heart technologist and has built many customer-oriented, successful applications throughout his career,”
Trish says, “Tom never called himself a visionary, he calls himself a ’listenary’, he emphasizes listening to customer problems and actually solving the problems they have, not inventing solutions to problems that don’t exist.” 
At Zudy®, Tom works on developing technological solutions while Trish focuses on delivering customer success. She has successfully handled the sales and marketing departments of the company since its launch and catalyzed revenue by working with several global giants, like Amazon and the New England Patriots to utilize this amazing platform. Her passion and enthusiasm help drive the Zudy® team to success. This pair of two extraordinary visionaries is driving a promising platform with their inspiring commitment to innovation.
Unlimited Applications, Unlimited Users 
VINYL™ can begin digitally transforming any business within a week. Conventional technologists who are accustomed to app development that can take years are skeptical of this claim. To allay such reservations, Zudy® provides a one-week proof of concept which allows prospective clients to develop their first app using VINYL™. “I believe many of our prospects take us up on this challenge believing we will fail.”, said Trish. “However, the ensuing success plays a significant part in building Zudy®’s long-term customer base.” Feedback from satisfied clientele reveals that they are especially impressed with VINYL™’s capacity to drastically increase the ability to purse new revenue models and new business models, many times achieving remarkable increases in revenue. Clients are also enticed by VINYL™’s very attractive pricing model, featuring unlimited apps unlimited users. The average company develops and deploys one or two applications per year but customers using Zudy®’s No-Code solution develop 30-50 apps per year. This unprecedented facilitation of innovation and agility is further reason for companies to take the leap into no code.
Seamless Integrations 
VINYL™ Users enthusiasm is evident when you take a look at their overwhelming adoption of the technology once they get a taste. The adoption rate of No-Code in companies that use VINYL™ soars once they experience a new found ability to develop and deploy at such a low risk and low cost . Many users declare the VINYL™ platform is ten years ahead of the curve. Zudy® has thrived within a short span of time by continuously focusing on customer needs and developing solutions that exceed customer expectations. “We have thrived over the years by making sure every customer is wildly successful with our technologies. We don’t plan on stopping now!”, said Trish Kennedy. Zudy® plans further expansion and growth in its workforce so customers everywhere can experience the incredible benefits of No-Code app dev for their digital transformations. The company plans on adding over hundred resources by year end.

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