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ZorroSign: Taking Electric Signature to the Next Level

In 2015, ZorroSign was founded in order to use one of its cofounder’s patented electronic signature technology to create a unified platform of complete advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) Solution. The idea was to provide a highly secure, flexible, seamless, and robust solution to support end-to-end flows of document signature ceremonies for any situation, any industry, any department – for signatories located anywhere using any device.
ZorroSign helps automate electronic signature related business processes, workflows, and approvals for any department, for any type of organization in any industry. Users can use ZorroSign anywhere, anytime, and on any device including using mobile browser and its native mobile app on iOS and Android operating systems. ZorroSign can also be deployed in Private POD, and Hybrid Cloud and On-Premise instances.
The Passionate Leader 
Mr. Shamsh Hadi is the Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign, Inc. Hadi is a serial entrepreneur and comes from a Real Estate, Education, Information Technology, and Hospitality background, lending his unique perspective to ZorroSign. He has over 12 years of experience in strategic investments around the world. Mr. Hadi holds degrees from Cornell University and University of Waterloo. Apart from being an avid scuba diver, he is also very passionate about the environment and supports and participates in various initiatives around the world that are making real impact to save the environment and make the world a better place.
When Privacy is the Utmost Priority 
According to the organization, users are struggling to keep tabs on their information privacy. For most people safety and security of their personal information and documents carries utmost priority given today’s environment. However, even if it’s on top of their list, sometimes they are unable to ensure security of their information.
Secondly, the market lacks intimate knowledge of advanced Digital Transaction Management and its potential to deliver a serious value to any organization. Finally, electronic signatures are very popular, however, there are four serious gaps in the solutions available in the market today. According to ZorroSign, these gaps are barriers to adoption of electronic signature for day-to-day business and enterprise applications and of high value financial and legal transactions.
These gaps are:

  • Using an image of a signature super-imposed on a document instead of using ZorroSign real electronic signature (read digital bits).
  • 3rd party digital security certificates that expire every two years instead ZorroSign certificates and documents don’t expire.
  • Simple process of requesting eSignatures instead of having a true Digital Transaction Management system with support for complex workflows, templates, and business process automation.
  • PDF documents that can be tampered with and electronic signatures that can be forged instead of ensuring the sanctity of electronically signed documents (both digital and paper copies) with high level of security.

Catering to Clients’ Needs since Inception 
The ZorroSign journey has been fantastic. The company has yet to come across one unhappy user of its solution as ZorroSign prides itself in enhancing the solution as quickly as possible to meet clients’ changing needs. In Q4, 2018 alone the company introduced more than 34 major enhancements where a majority of them were customer requests.
ZorroSign’s initial struggles have been related to educating users that privacy and security of their data and documents should be number one priority and not speed and ease of use. 2018 had major headline hitting news where there had been major data breaches, implementation of GDPR and evidence of popular software systems being abused for financial gains. This has given ZorroSign a good headwind, because now people are looking for solutions like ZorroSign instead of going with the household names that can’t guarantee the safety and security of their information and important financial and legal documents.
Early on, ZorroSign witnessed that people often confused Blockchain with BitCoin, but now they comprehend the difference. CEO, Shamsh Hadi notes, “I believe over the last couple of years the world has educated itself more and understand that Blockchain is much more than just BitCoin and that cryptocurrency which were the early adopters of Blockchain is not the only industry where Blockchain can have incredible security and authenticity advantages.”
Future Roadmap
Armed with the proprietary electronic signature technology and a forward-thinking mindset about security and privacy, the ZorroSign founders quickly realized that in the “race to digital” the electronic signature solutions in the market have left some major breaches in the solution. ZorroSign always believed that there are fundamental ways people run their business, what they call “document signing ceremonies”, and the company envisions creating a solution that does not force people to compromise in their core values of how they run their business.
When it comes to the future, ZorroSign’s customers can expect more capabilities and functionality in the areas of Advanced Digital Transaction Management, Workflows Automation, Business Process Optimization, and advanced security and privacy. ZorroSign will continue to innovate and incorporate state of the art technology in the areas of mobile biometrics, use of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into its solution.